Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #10

So... We've got Fight Skate Club, no rules, and Harley Quinn participating... How many body bags are going to be required when all is said and done?

The Story:

Harley arrives at Skate Club, and sure enough, it's just as the one rule described: It's roller derby with no rules, and the use of excessive violence and weaponry is encouraged. Perfect fit for Harley. After watching a match go well for one of her teammates, it's Harley's turn, and her opponent is... Well, I'm watching WWE again, so I'll just go with a Brock Lesnar metaphor, that's current! (Man, WWE has gotten ridiculous, just putting that out there.)

Harley gets her ass kicked, the lady she's up against is twice her size and undefeated. Looking for a little help, she gets some explosive toothpaste from Syborg, and even though the match is over, Harley tries to stop the celebration... One toothpaste belly rub latter, and Harley's opponent is split in two... but the match was already over, so it doesn't count as a win.

Harley is bummed about her screw up, but she's invited back regardless. To cheer her up, the team takes Harley to the beach where they go skinny dipping and Harley bites people's butts pretending to be a shark. When everyone goes home, Harley sits on the boardwalk watching a shooting star... that lands about three feet to the right of her, and is no star, it's Power Girl.

BUT FHIZ, didn't Power Girl go back to Earth-2 in her own book?



The Review:

Another goofy issue of Harley! What else am I supposed to say? It was fun and dumb, just what you've come to expect. The fill-in art was decent, but I can't say I'm wild about the colorist... everything looks a bit like plastic. Humor was decent, but didn't have any laugh out loud moments for me, and I'm getting kind of tired of the "holeee-insert something here-canoli" catch phrase of Harley's. 

The Bottom Line:

Another Harley Quinn issue does what Harley Quinn does, and is ridiculous/entertaining! Shocker of the century right there. I am actually looking forward to seeing what the Power Girl arc does for this book, because it's just that, an arc. Up until now we've gotten one-and-done stories, so it'll be pretty interesting to see how this book handles a continuous storyline outside of "nameless assassins out to get Harley."

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  1. I'm gonna get the issue just for the fact that they had explosive tooth paste, yet did not come into contact with teeths. Because explosive massage oil would be too ridiculous lol.