Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SPOILERS: Grayson #2

Something, something, more like take a bite out of crime fighters, something, something... OH HEY THERE! Mission #2 for Agent 37 is a go!

The Spoilers:

Mission two for Dick and Helena begins when fellow Spyral agent, the Hood, ends up on the grounds of the school, in rough shape. Mr. Minos makes it Dick and Helena's priority to retrieve the Paragon organ Hood was after not far from their location in England. Meanwhile, we meet Gardener, a woman who hired Midnighter to help find those very same organs. Midnighter still isn't happy about what happened with him and Dick, whose face he can't remember, and quite literally gets trolled by Spyral when he looks at drone footage. Nevertheless, Midnighter has run through any rematch possibilities with his "meat computer" of a brain, and none of them end up well for Dick.

Long story short for this next mission, Dick gets attacked by the target, and when Helena catches up to him, they stumble upon the target's hideout, and discover she's a member of T.H.E.Y., and has dealt with a number of other secretive operatives who've come her way... by eating them. Whys that? Well, she experimented on the paragon stomach, and having no other subject, she implanted it in herself, and while it gave her super speed, her body would age rapidly if she didn't consume mass amounts of calories/proteins/whatevs. So eating the people who came after her? Well, that seemed rational.

Dick comes up with a plan to take the woman down, but Helena pulls rank, and tells him she's going to offer the woman a job at Spyral as she's an asset, not a super villain. Dick doesn't agree, but Helena doesn't care, initiating a post-hypnotic trigger that causes his hypnos implant to make him pass out.

Back at Spyral, Helena returns to teaching her students, as Dick watches on, listening to Helena's speech about what a St. Hadrians woman is, and you know, thematic stuff. Meanwhile, Minos has retrieved the latest Paragon organ from Spyral's newest scientist, which pretty much allows him to figure out The Flash is Barry Allen. Something about a super hero anointing each organ or something. Finally, everything ends on a personal note, with Dick contacting Batman, remembering a better time for them both.


The Review:

Honestly, what's not to love about this book? It's dense with humor, action, weird head games spy stuff, sexual tension, and all sorts of fan service to any Grant Morrison Batman fan. This second issue picks up where the first left off and continues to dig deeper into a rabbit hole/Spyral metaphor that I can't seem to come up with right now, while continuing to develop the relationship between Helena and her new, more idealistic partner in Dick, and boy are there all sorts of different types of tension to be had there. 

If there's anything that I didn't enjoy about the issue, it was minor. There's a couple pages where one of the extra inkers on this issue didn't really match Mikel Janin's finesse or detail, but I don't know if anyone who doesn't pay attention to that sort of stuff would really notice. I'm also torn on the Batman inclusion in this. Dick has some line about him being done with this sooner than they all think, which is a classic "boy, he doesn't know what he's getting into" sort of line for the audience, but with the skepticism shared by some surrounding this title, it's best not to give any idea of "this is temporary." Then finally, the super hero board at the end, Aquaman has no secret identity, he was at his high school reunion a couple issues back, Spyral could just pick up a year book or something.

The Bottom Line:

Taking the first issue into account, Grayson #2 really help solidifies the whole idea of turning Dick Grayson into a double agent within Spyral, as well as capturing and maintaining all the personality and heart that makes Dick Grayson who he is. Dick's current status quo is real similar to Morrison's time on Batman and Robin, where even though Dick was Batman, it was very clear that he was still Dick Grayson under the cowl in the way he acted and handled himself, thus it worked very well. Is Dick being a secret agent crazy and weird? Yeah, but he's still the same character, exhibiting everything people love about him, and his new series is off to a great start.


  1. That aquaman bit, haha.
    But yeah my thoughts exactly.

  2. I enjoy this series even more than I thought I would. Seems like they are using this mission Bruce sent Dick on to sort of heal their relationship which always makes me happy, as Dick may not be Bruce's real son but he was most definitely the first son and the one Bruce had the longest and closest bond too.

  3. Because of Batman's involvement in this series, do you ever see Dick returning to costumed crime fighting once this whole Spyral thing is figured out? Just asking your opinion, awesome site by the way!

    1. As long as this book does well, probably not. DC really fucked up Dick's return to Nightwing by not really allowing Kyle Higgins to commit to any of the numerous directions he had tried. Right now DC is in the mood to do something different with a lot of their line, and Grayson has come out on top of that initiative so far, so whenever Dick does return to costumed vigilante mode, it'll probably be when DC's run out of ideas or have no interest in creativity again.