Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #34

The "Icarus" arc comes to an end, and while there's plenty of fantastic art to go around, the story falls a bit flat in more than one instance.

The Spoilers:

Picking up where we left off, Holter has brought Annie her mother's killer, given her a gun and BLAM, welp, he's dead, that was quick. 

After the giant Icarus explosion, Batman and Harvey stop fighting each other and somehow know who killed Elena all the sudden, then go their separate ways to deal with the situation. When suiting up with a hazmat Batsuit, Bruce reiterates to Alfred that he now knows The Squid's brother killed Elena and does the "I had him" self-blame thing. But no time for that, time to get that Icarus fuel guy...

Holter and the Kings of the Sun are confronting their "merchandise" who doesn't seem to be too happy that he was used to fuel the Icarus trade. Batman comes, some fights happen, Icarus guy flies away or something, and Batman reveals that Holter hired Jonny to kill Elena because she hid his daughter from him. Holter gets eat up by that giant squid that comes back, Batman tries to save him, gets pulled out of the water by Bullock. 

After Bruce Wayne's name is cleared, he sees Annie out of the city, and she's still pretty damn pessimistic, saying that Gotham shows you who you are, and she doesn't like it. She also refuses any help from Bruce, saying anyone who gets near him dies, also citing that he had the money to revitalize the Waterfront before her Mother got him to, so yeah, blame blame. 

Later Bullock and Detective Yip are looking for a missing crate and we see an Anarky symbol.


The Review:

Art and colors remain great, but boy, does this story end on an unsatisfying, kind of a mess note. Things just all the sudden happen in order for everything to get wrapped up. Batman suddenly knows that Jonny killed Elena, then knows that Holter hired him to kill her. K. Who was that Icarus guy? Just some dude? K. So yeah, Annie shot that dude in the face, now she's gone with just some typical "Gotham changes you" monologue. K. What's Bullock looking for in the end? A crate of Icarus? Maybe? I don't know, but Anarky! K. It's all just sort of a mess, really felt rush, and just left know lasting impression. 

The Bottom Line:

Icarus has been getting some praise, some deservedly so, but if I had to bet, I'd say some people have viewed this story through rose-tinted glasses due to the art. Yes, the art is fantastic, and deserves all the praise it gets, but the story itself was just uninspired and fell apart towards the end. The problems I listed in the above section were only those that actually applied to this particular issue... Remember how Carmine Falcone and some Senator were part of the first issue of this arc? Yeah, what about that? I enjoyed this issue/arc for the art, but if the story doesn't pick up next arc, I don't know if I can find any justification in just reading it for the art.

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  1. I've got to re-read the whole run to see if they were just not up-front-enough about some references that make some of those loose connections fit a little tighter. Sometimes you get a bit too clever, plotting. Because you know, the aesthetic itself, the "scale" of the story, the street level of it, that thing guys like Alan Grant and the 70s guys did so well, that's here. Everyone's motives seemed there, there was just a little hiccup in the connect-the-dots.

    So I'll take more of the excellent depiction of Harvey and Batman, and how we get some "Just Plain Bruce" you know, being a decent human.