Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #20

SPOILER ALERT: Spoiler... Get it? Because Steph is spoiler, she's it to spoiling things, and this is Gotham Spoilers. HAR. HAR. I'm so clever.

The Spoilers:

So we got three stories going on! First up, in the Gotham Underground, Batman, Croc and Bard try and stop the Ten-Eyed Man doing whatever it is that he's doing! He's just sort of blabbering on about seeing the evil that comes for Gotham, and because of it, for some reason he's got to sacrifice this girl to some interdimensional portal or something. Yeah, I don't know, but regardless, the trio stops it, and gets away with Jade, meanwhile Ten-Eyed Man is all "shucks" and left to get buried or something. Bard tries to arrest Croc for the deaths of those three cops in his Villains Month issue, but Croc gives the girl to Batman and collapses the tunnel in between them, getting away. When all is said and done, Batman starts to think Alfred is right about Bard.

In Blackgate, Gordon is going all Die Hard on everyone's ass, until he gets to where the hostages are being held, and he's hit with a taser. But before the inmates can likely kill Gordon, turns out the former police Commissioner has got a friend he didn't know he had, Rex Calabrese, the Lion, the former kingpin of Gotham's crime families. Yep, Leo was Rex all along, hiding in plain sight as a form of atonement. When he goes back to being Rex, turns out he's got a pair of dentures that are nothing but sharp, Lion like teeth, which kill nicely. Why's he helping Gordon? Well, he's helping Gordon's daughter, seeing that Leo had a daughter of his own who grew up without a father... and it's probably Catwoman. Guess they aren't doing the Falcone is her father thing.

Finally in Brazil, Batgirl chases Falsario into the jungle, but before she can get to him, he gets killed, and all Batgirl finds is a sword stuck in a tree that looks exactly like the sword on the cover of Red Hood and the Outlaws #2, so... ??? But Jason was apparently still at the factory with Batwoman, and when he finds out Falsario is dead, tells Batgirl that it doesn't matter, they've recovered a whole lot of evidence from his computer that should prove his dad's innocence.

...Well, we're not quite done yet. What's Stephanie Brown up to? Well, she's seemingly finishing up her last blog post, and since no one believes her spoilers about her criminal father, she's decided to actively do something about it, and Spoiler is born.


The Review:

Another decent issue, but in terms of the story beats, nothing really stood out for me this week. The Leo reveal became pretty obvious a number of weeks ago, Falsario's demise could mean League of Assassins or somehow Jason did it (I doubt it), and the Ten-Eyed Man story was just confusing and really hard to make sense of given how we have no idea what he's going on about, and probably won't for some time, so presently... an apathetic eh towards that. Then of course Steph puts on the suit, which isn't a surprise either. 

The Bottom Line:

Just more of the same from last week. Everything is fine enough, but this book needs a serious kick in the ass and has been in a lull for some time now in terms of the big picture. We're nearly to the half way point of the series, and it really just needs to start kicking back into gear.


  1. Am I the only one who was genuinely surprised that Stephanie is a blogger? Was there any hint in her current incarnation?

    1. She's been doing it for a majority of her appearances in the book.

    2. She's been doing research in the library for most of her recent appearances, at least there is no noticeable indication she was doing more. I think there was a reference to her blogging before her friend's death but that's it.

    3. No, she's not doing just that. Read 10 and 12 again. She's been posting things to the internet trying to expose her father as a real threat.