Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #19

What's the name of that Deep Purple song that goes "Hush, hush, something something something. Hush, hush, something something something." It's on the tip of my tongue!

The Spoilers:

Doesn't take long for Jason and Kate to figure out that Barbara is being mind controlled by some Mad Hatter like tech, so Jason tells Kate to go find whoever did this to her, while he takes care of Babs. Meanwhile in Gotham, Batman and Bard follow Croc into his den, where they're met by the corpses, or husks of the dead that have been reanimated by whatever evil lurks below Gotham. As Batman and Croc discuss that... subject, Bard takes notice to some discarded GCPD gear in Crocs' lair, belonging to the crooked cops he dispatched in his villains month issue (also written by Tim Seeley!)

Then in Blackgate, things have gone to shit, as after that Ann Nocenti created Penguin henchmen got killed (believe me, I'm holding back tears) resident Blackgate snitch Marcus Row, gave the Penguin gang the info that Falcone's gang did it, so now the war has erupted during a breakout, there are some guards being held hostage, and the warden needs Gordon's help.

Quick stop to Japan, and after being impressed with Harper Row's talents, seems like Sergei and Tim are going to train her, to which she happily accepts.

Back in Brazil, Dr. Falsario's mind control doesn't work on Kate, as she's equipped with tech that Hatter would use so he didn't hypnotize himself, so she doses him with some fear toxin, and he starts freaking out, as her image reminds him of something... A red haired devil, which then leads him to blabbering about hoping that devil isn't mad at him, he did what was asked and made the police officer (Gordon) cause that accident. Remember how I thought Hush was behind all this? Guess who also has red hair. Anyways, Falsario panics, has his slaves attack Kate, and starts to run.

Meanwhile, Jason eventually gets Babs to stop thinking he's the Joker by triggering something in her photographic memory of the first time they met (where she said he'd never be Dick Grayson) Babs comes to, and they have a moment before she goes after Falsario. 

Gordon is going through Blackgate, kicking ass!

Again beneath Gotham, Batman and company come to find where that abducted girl is being held by The Ten Eyed Man who is doing some ritual. They're noticed, so, FIIIIIIGHT... next issue.


The Review:

If there's been one thing I've wanted out of Eternal lately, it's been another big hook. We know a lot of things are coming, but meanwhile, at times it just feels like Eternal is spinning it's wheels (not as much as the other weekly) despite being generally enjoyable. Everything has been simmering, but we're at the point where things really need to boil over adding a boost of energy to the series. This issue does do a bit to assure me that things are getting close to that. We find out what really happened to Gordon, and get some possible hints as to who might have put everything into motion (again, I think it's Hush). But beyond that, the rest of the plots are just simmering, and it's hard to see how whatever the hell The Ten Eyed Man is doing connects to anything else, as was my problem with the previous more supernatural focused arc. All that being said, while the plot could stand to move a bit quicker, there were a handful of good character moments throughout, specifically the one between Jason and Barb, and once again, I'll point out that I believe Jason is being written better here than he is in his own book, so there's that to take home.

The Bottom Line:

Like most of the recent issues of Eternal, everything is enjoyable, there are great character moments, and things are progressing bit by bit, but I'm getting anxious. The quality is there, but what's a whole bunch of smaller quality stories without something tying them together? It's been a good long time since we've had a truly big moment in Eternal, and in my opinion, we need one quickly before things begin to get stale.


  1. well, simon hurt also has redish hair.... just saying, what with the club of villains mentioned a few issues ago and the whole apocalyptic vibe of issue 1's intro,,,