Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #34

Batman is about to bring hell to Apokolips (which is saying something) but first, he's got to clear up a few standing issues with the family.

The Spoilers:

For the first time since Death of the Family, the full Bat family, or what's left of it, meet in the Batcave, where Bruce apologizes to them, wanting to seek a new start. Babs, Tim and Jason eventually agree to it, and come to learn of what Bruce has been dealing with lately, everything from Ra's al Ghul to Apokolips. The three of them all instantly volunteer to go help Bruce, but he tells them they're staying in Gotham. He wanted to make peace with them before going on what may just be a suicide mission and asks them to stay as Gotham would need them in his absence. The three Bat kids eventually understand, and go out to protect Gotham as requested.

...But that's not all. Bruce starts talking to the shadows, and sure enough, Dick has been there the whole time. While everyone else agreed to stay in Gotham, Dick brings up how important Damian was to him and says he'll go to Apokolips as well, but again, Bruce has different plans. Dick already knows what he's going to say, and makes sure Bruce knows that there will always be a Batman in Gotham. Before Bruce leaves, he asks if Dick can use Spyral to set up a couple of distractions...

Cut to: Lex Luthor in the Satellite, monitoring Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Shazam, all coming to find they were distracted by very advanced holograms of their foes. Doesn't take long for them to realize what's going on when they figure out the transporters are out, so Shazam and Wonder Woman rush towards the Satellite. 

Lex runs to find Captain Cold tied up and the Hellbat suit missing. Knowing Bruce is behind him, Lex tells him that he wants to help, because like Batman, he too is just a mere mortal playing dress up amongst gods. Bruce doesn't trust him, but in order to prove himself, Lex fixes a few things on the suit as well as pointing out the tracker Cyborg put on it. Lex asks Bruce if he knows the risks of wearing the suit (it could drain his metabolism), which he does, but it doesn't matter. And with mother box in hand, Bruce leaves to Apokolips just as Wonder Woman and Shazam reach the satellite.


The Review:

Love what Tomasi is doing with this arc so far. During SDCC or thereabout, there were a couple of interviews with Tomasi saying that he would be using this arc to sort of mend the fences in the wake of Death of the Family, and that's exactly what he does here. It's good to see this arc be something bigger than just Bruce and Damian, including those fences being mended along with the Justice League, which might I say, Tomasi is doing a better job selling Luthor on that team to me than Johns has so far. Sure, one could question how stuff like Dick getting away from Spyral to go visit the bat cave is even possible, and sure, it's a bit on the line of fan service, but when you look at the bigger picture, it's all appreciated by me, and it's good to see the angst that's hovered over the Bat family just sort of let go.

The Bottom Line:

When this story arc was announced, I expected it to be a balls to the wall Batman vs. Apokolips slugfest over Damian, which it very well could end up being at some point, but what I'm trying to get at is that I did not expect everything else around it. The character work that's being done here with Bruce, his supporting family and fucking Lex Luthor of all people, really is just fantastic and enjoyable to read. This story has some genuine heart behind it, and is probably my favorite thing going on in the bat books at the moment.

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  1. Fantastic arc so far. The moments between Dick and Bruce are the ones I cherish the most. Bring on the fight for Damian.