Monday, August 25, 2014

SHH! This Eternal Cover is a BIG Spoiler

I've been saying this is who this is for a good while now, just kicking myself for not getting around to the "let's look at the evidence" post. Whatever, this is why you should follow me on Twitter, or read every dumb post I make on message boards arguing against people who aren't using logic or clues... No wait, don't do that, those are terrible.

Spoilers after the jump.

Oh look, it's Hush. Psh, whatever man, I figured that shit out on the last page of issue #10.

Here was my line of thinking way back in the middle of June:
And there have been a multitude of other hints since.

So there you go, fucking Hush. Also, here's this cover too:

(Source: Newsarama)


  1. Hush's involvement seemed impending the second Higgins copped to the Architect coming into the picture. But will he be the big bad, or is placing him squarely towering over a burning Gotham skyline red herring bait?

    Perhaps the better question is; will he still have Bruce Wayne's face?

    1. At the end of Streets of Gotham #21 (House of Hush part 6), Hush's face was removed-I believe by Jane Doe--so the bandages we to cover an actually faceless being. My point in mentioning this is that last we saw Hush, in March of 2011, he didn't have Bruce Wayne's face, let alone anyone else's. I hope this story is still in place.

    2. Yeah, I'm betting Hush gets a bit of a New 52 wipe.

    3. Probably. I just always hope for stuff where you can sort of force continuity in your mind. So if Hush starts off without a face, but with no tie to Jane Doe, I'll be content. Jane Doe IS in the New 52, though (Detective Comics annual #2).

    4. I would be shocked if Hush has any backstory in the New 52 other than, at most, the original Loeb/Lee story. Most of the rest of that character's history is really not worth saving

    5. I'm just saying I appreciate when continuity carries over, such as Morrison's time travel story for Batman's return, which was shown to still have happened in Robin Rises. I agree it's unlikely for Hush to even have his whole Loeb/Lee story in place, as it was that story where Bruce makes his identity known to Catwoman (no longer known in the New 52). So I'll hope and I'll wait, but ultimately DC will do whatever the hell they want!

    6. Joker's Daughter #1 (the one-shot not villain's month) showed a jar with Tommy Elliot's name on it in Dollmaker's headquarters/base of operations/whatever.

    7. That's right!!! I noticed that when I read it, took a picture of the panel, and then totally forgot about it. With that key detail, that Dollmaker operated on Thomas Elliot, my desire for ties to previous continuity can be put at rest. Because we don't know what the Dollmaker did to Elliot's face, one could safely assume that whatever he looks like under the mask in Batman Eternal is a direct result of his surgery from Dollmaker.

  2. I think I agree that I'd prefer it if it's non-committed continuity; where he appears as a character who Batman has "met before, once or twice", but is still pretty mysterious. So many parts of "Hush", "Heart", "Streets", "House" and "Gates" have been wiped.

    Just occurred to me that Hush might be Vicki Vale's boss if they keep the whole newspaper family thing going.