Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gotham by Midnight coming in November

Did you think Gotham Academy and Arkham Manor were weird books for DC to publish? Well, guess what? THEY'RE NOT DONE!

Just announced for November is the new horror/supernatural title Gotham by Midnight, by writer Ray Fawkes and artist Ben Templesmith. Starring Jim Corrigan (host of The Spectre), the series sounds a bit like Gotham Central, only SPOOOOOOKIER, as we'll be following the adventures of a group known as The Midnight Shift, who delve deep into the creepier corners of Gotham City.

So with Gotham by Midnight, Gotham Academy and Arkham Manor, we've got three new titles that are completely weird and out of left field considering what DC normally publishes. Who knows if these titles will catch on (I hope they do), but it's great that DC, or at least Mark Doyle, is really trying to move away from the typical middle-line house style of books which have plagued the New 52 with uninspired tedium.

(Source: Blastr)


  1. I thought by November, we would see some new female-led books since DC stated that it would try to reach out to the female demographic more.

    1. Gotham Academy, Batgirl, Catwoman...

    2. Well Batgirl and Catwoman are more like reinventions.
      Marvel keeps adding new female-led books.
      I think DC already has great female characters, they just need to give more of them the spotlight.

    3. DC's has already had a lot of female lead books to begin with. People tend to forget that.

    4. This is true. But then we get into the issue of quality and how many of those books have been cancelled.

  2. Yes! after reading Ray Fawkes work on Eternal, I was hoping DC would do a supernatural gotham book.