Saturday, August 30, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 08/30/2014

The conclusion of "Mark of the Phantasm!"

The Story:

With Jake Chill dead and buried (cremated), Terry isn't feeling so good afterwards, and while talking with Max and Dana, he realizes Bruce has reached out to them in an effort to sort of try and put Terry at ease. In a low-key confrontation with Bruce about Dana and Max being brought in, and after seeing what has happened with Dick, Barb, and Tim over the years, Terry feels like he needs to remove himself from the situation. "Just like the others" Bruce says.

Elsewhere, turns out that Andrea was working with Amanda Waller, who asks what Terry knows and whether or not Bruce was really hiding the Jake Chill info from him. Andrea doesn't know, but you can tell she feels shitty about the whole situation. Waller continues that it's only a matter of time before Bruce figures out her involvement, Andrea was a good smoke screen, but only a few people could flag Chill's DNA. Andrea asks if it even matters if Bruce finds out Waller has been meddling behind the scenes, she already did what she set out to do, give the world a new Batman.

Finally, we see the birth of the Arkham Institute from early on in the series, Rewire before he becomes Rewire, and Ghoul offering to help him learn how to control his powers. Flash forward to the present, and Ghoul is breaking Rewire out of stasis. 


The Thoughts:

Overall, this was a really good arc. Everything wrapped up where you thought it would, given how the series launched a year into the future with all these changes having already taken place. A few questions still remain, like what happened to Terry and Dana, (unless he just pushed her away after Bruce talked to her?) but I'm sure that'll be dealt with at some other time. Overall, if there was something I wanted a little more out of this arc, it would be more Phantasm. For a story with her in the title, she just boiled down to sort of being a B plot to everything else, which to me is a disappointment, given how I said a couple of weeks ago that I thought she was the most criminally underused element of the Batman mythos. Despite that, like I said, still a pretty good story, and I'm curious to see what next week's issue will be if it acts as an epilogue to this story.

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