Saturday, August 23, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 08/23/2014

Pretty action heavy issue, so this won't take long to write up!

The Story:

So Jake Chill has been dosed with the original Joker toxin, and is attacking Terry, with cover from the Jokerz. To make matters worse, Bruce radios into Terry informing him that The Phantasm is on her way. 

The fight eventually spills out into the streets where Barbara and some of the GCPD are waiting. Babs tries to help Jake, but he ends up breaking her arm (I believe she's in a sling earlier in the series, so there you go) forcing Terry to fly her to safety, while Ghoul takes Jake and tries to escape.

But that's where the Phantasm comes in, throwing Ghoul aside and starting to condemn Jake, who through the Jokertoxin, sputters out "just do it." Terry shows up just in time, and with the gas the Phantasm spreads no longer effecting him, he throws her off and once again turns his attention to Jake, who begins to have a seizer. Bruce tells Terry to inject him with the anti-venom in his suit, but it doesn't work. Jake asks if the Commissioner is okay, and once he learns that she'll be fine, he dies in Terry's arms.


The Thoughts:

Like I said, action heavy issue, no real developments in the actual plot, other than maybe something about the Jokerz figuring out the original Joker venom formula, maybe something will be done with that, I don't know. As someone who stopped reading any Beechen Batman Beyond past the pretty poor "Hush Beyond," I haven't got any feelings towards Jake Chill, good or bad, so his passing is sort of a "meh" for me. I will say though, the stand out of the issue was the art, Hester, Gapstur and Filardi turned out some of their best work this arc with great action and fantastic visuals accompanying the appliance of The Phantasm this time around. The use of shadows, Phantasm's gas, and Jake being Jokerized all contributed to a great looking grim/sorta creepy chapter. 

One more chapter in the story (probably followed by an epilogue) so I'm looking forward to seeing where this one ends up. 

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