Saturday, August 16, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 08/16/2014

After last week's issue where we find out why Dick and Bruce had a falling out, this week we learn why the Phantasm has returned to hunt down Jake Chill.

The Story:

So, somehow between last we saw him and now, Jake Chill got himself captured by the Jokerz, who have him tied up and taunt him while they dose him with a gas.

Back at Dick's loft, Terry processes everything, asks how they dealt with all the stuff they just told him about, then asked what happened to the baby. It isn't said explicitly, but it's probably safe to assume Babs had a miscarriage. Babs goes on to say Bruce just hid behind the mask afterwards, but before long, he radios in to Terry saying he's got a hit on the Vigilante's homing signal, which Terry decides to follow.

Back in the cave, the Phantasm appears, and sure enough, it's still Andrea, supported by a number of servos in her suit. The two speak for awhile and we learn that Andrea is still in love with Bruce, and she's been hunting Jake Chill so that Terry would never find out about him and potentially kill Chill himself, thus ruining the best thing to happen in Bruce's life for years. She goes on to say that they both just want to protect the ones that they love, but she's always been able to go a bit farther than he has. With that, and the knowledge of Jake's location, Andrea bids Bruce a final farewell.

Terry ends up at Jake's location, but all he sees are the Jokerz inside. Woof eventually sniffs Terry out and causes him to crash through the skylight, where Terry comes face to face with a laughing Jake Chill, having been dosed with Joker's toxin.


The Thoughts:

Hey, remember when I said "Where's the Phantasm?" last week? Turns out someone listened! Yep, totally me on that one. But in all seriousness, Phantasm shows back up and it's definitely this chapter's highlight. I like the reasoning she has for hunting Jake, she's protecting her love Bruce by protecting Terry. It's sort of twisted, the logic goes in big loops, but hey, it fits for who the character is. If there was one thing I'd like to get a little more of, it would be what immediately happened after last issue's reveals. Sure, we see Dick punch Bruce, but this issue just leaves the rest up to imagination, as well whatever happened to Barbara. I mean, I guess it isn't hard to figure out, but... eh, oh well. Still a good chapter, looking forward to how this one wraps up.

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