Saturday, August 9, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 08/09/2014

Something happened between Dick and Bruce and it's been a big question hovering over the series for a while, and now, answers!

The Story:

Picking up where the last chapter left off, turns out that the story of what happened between Bruce and Dick isn't necessarily Dick's to tell, not entirely. That's where Barbara comes in, and the two begin to explain things to Terry.

After Tim's disappearance, Dick moved back to Gotham and he fell back into a relationship with Babs. Things were moving pretty quickly, and Dick was set to propose with the Batarang that we saw earlier in the series... Meanwhile, Babs finds out she's pregnant.

Babs goes to tell Bruce about the news, and he says he'll make sure to congratulate Dick... But the thing is he's only been back in town for three weeks, meanwhile Babs has been pregnant for seven.  Yep, those implications of a relationship between Bruce and Babs are no longer implications. Babs is just there to make sure Bruce knows and that he lets Babs tell Dick on her own terms, which he agrees to.

Unfortunately, Bruce ends up backing out on his word and finds Dick to talk, eventually dropping the news on him. Dick gives him a "you son of a" with a punch, and that's that. Meanwhile, Babs is walking through Gotham that night and sees a couple being mugged. She decides to intervene and beats the mugger, but after the fight, she gets a sharp pain and ends up on the ground, holding her stomach.


The Thoughts:

Welp. That happened. The implied Bruce/Babs relationship was always one of the weirdest things to come out of the animated series, and like a whole lot of other people, I thought it was plain weird, and honestly just ignored it a majority of the time. But whatever, it happened, it was cannon, and now it's being dealt with. It's clear that the story is just as uncomfortable for the characters as it was for me, so with that being said, despite my reservations on the subject matter, at least it's being presented well and with care. If there was one negative thing to take away from this story, it wouldn't be anything specific to this chapter, it's just that with the story being called "Mark of the Phantasm" there's just been a very minimal amount past that first appearance, but hopefully that gets fixed in the next three chapters. 

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