Sunday, August 3, 2014

Batman Beyond Sat...SUNDAYS, 08/03/2014

Well, I did write this post yesterday, but hey... vacation, lack of internet, all that noise. So... SUNDAYS this week!

The Story: 

Starting with another flashback, we see Dick come back to town after Tim begins to detox off the Joker toxin, he feels bad about not being there to possibly help, but right now he’s focused on being there for those he cares about.

Back to the present(isn), Bruce eventually has to shut down the suit, preventing Terry from beating up on the Vigilante anymore, also pointing out that the Phantasm’s smoke contains a fear toxin variant. Back at the cave, Terry presses Bruce on his knowledge of Jake Chill working at Wayne-Powers, but Bruce claims to know nothing of it, saying he’s not in the business of keeping track of everyone who works at the company. Terry doesn’t buy it, they’re not talking about everyone, they’re talking about the grandson of the man who killed the Waynes.

The next day, Terry enlists the help of Dana and Maxine to try and track down Chill, who is still hunting the Jokerz despite his run-in with Batman the night before. Knowing he won’t get any further help from Bruce, Terry seeks out Dick Grayson for help, and asks his opinion on Bruce and whether or not Dick would trust him on something like this. Dick tells Terry that being a manipulative liar who believes himself as being selfless is the thing Bruce is best at, so no, he wouldn’t trust anything Bruce says. Terry senses something more and finally asks for the truth as to what really happened between the two.


The Thoughts: 

Secrets, secrets, secrets, lots’o’secrets to be had, and we’ve just got a few more days to wait. From what I’ve heard through the grapevine, things are about to get big and crazy for Batman Beyond, and I’m looking forward to seeing just what exactly happened and will happen… could make a Bioshock Infinite reference at this point, but I’ll refrain. This chapter does a good job of leading the readers on and dangling that carrot in front of them. Next week should be pretty good.

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