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Stack Rundown, 07/26/2014

A little late this week, sorry about that... Injustice was on sale with Playstation Plus, so for some reason I bought it again and played through the entire story last night, so I was up real late and forgot to write up the last two issues I read. Pretty good game... Cut scenes are pretty laughable though. So, COMICS!

Wonder Woman #33

I really hope Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang team up on something again following October’s issue, because this issue reminded me that there’s only three left (now two) and I got sad. Azzarello and Chiang just work so god damn well together, it’s like Snyder and Capullo on Batman, just peanut butter and jelly. So, with Wonder Woman becoming the god of war, there was no way we were getting out of this story without a big war to be had, and this issue started it. Really big battle issue, with some good back and forth between First Born and Diana, mixed in with some god talk about life and death, and finally, the baby makes a play. This whole time, that baby was just sort of there… I think he did something like once or twice through this whole run, but I can’t really remember… but now he’s possessing Hippolyta? Or brought her back? Something, I don’t know… but he’s doing something! Two more left, and Azz/Chiang Wonder Woman definitely is going out with a bang.

Superman #33

Man, I had no plans of liking this book, but sure enough, here I am thinking “this is pretty okay.” Let’s not get crazy here, Geoff Johns’ work tends to be petty straight forward and accessible, but that’s what draws me in, because while it’s straight forward, it’s generally very consistent in quality. Sure, there can be a few drawn out parts here and there, and I’m sure there’ll be a few issues in this run that just don’t go anywhere, but regardless, the overall story is usually enjoyable. I just like the mirroring of Superman with Ulysses, who was sent away from Earth like Superman was from Krypton, but everything he knows is wrong, Earth didn’t blow up, and his parents didn’t die. Meanwhile you got creeper guy (Machinest?) watching Superman and… being creepy? We’re still in the set up phase here, and I don’t feel like the real hook has come yet, but it’s still fun, and I’m starting to enjoy JRJR’s art more than I have in the past, so I’m happy.

Deadpool #32

I really don’t want to be mean, but man… I just don’t really like the art in this arc at all, and it got real rough in some spots for my liking. Whatever, not my cup of tea, oh well, I’ll live. This was one of those issues that sort of just was a “eeeh” issue. Didn’t dislike it, didn’t particularly like it as well. Deadpool catches up with his daughter, and has to protect her… that about covers it. No secrets or anything revealed, no big serious heartfelt moments… just sort of an average action issue for me. Hopefully the arc finishes up strong… neeeeeeeext issue? I think?

Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #2

Didn’t think much of this issue to be quite honest, as not a whole lot went down in it. Thor and Loki get attacked by the angel dwellers of the Tenth realm, Loki sneaks off to make a deal with the Angel leader, Angela shows up at the end and she’s going to fight Thor… That’s pretty much it. If anything, I’m betting this tenth realm stuff and Thor going there is what’s going to lead to Thor becoming “unworthy” and eventually the new lady-Thor taking over…. but other than that, kind of a boring issue.

Saga #21

This fucking arc is such a bummer! You can just start to see everything fall apart between Alana developing a drug problem, Marko is probably going to have an affair with the dancing instructor, and… well, everything past that is the Prince Robot storyline, and I’ll be honest, he’s probably the character I’m least interested in. Reading this arc so far has just had this cloud of dread hanging over it, because at some point something’s going to happen. This issue even pulls the dick move of going “Oh look, the two main characters are fucking, maybe they’ll be alright? NOPE. Symbolic narration just shutting that down!” Also, Alana is high as fuck, Marko is going to probably find out, confide in Ginny, sleep with her, Alana finds out, and there we go… Or something completely fucking different could happen, which would not surprise me given the book I’m reading. We’ll have to wait and see… and try not to cry!

Zero #9

It’s been while since the last issue of this came out, which kind of sucks because if I remember correctly, the previous two issues were sort of fucking nuts. This one was entirely a flash back issue with Roman, Zero’s former handler, dealing weapons to all the sides of the Bosnian conflict in 1993. Turns out Roman falls in love with a woman who is either a whore or just treated as one, and that woman’s pregnant. Blah blah blah, Roman and Woman at gunpoint, with the option of only two of them making it out alive, annnnd Roman walks out of a forest carrying a baby that might be Zero. Probably is Zero. This was one of those issues that just had big emotional, messed up weight behind it, with plenty of the politically minded stuff one would come to expect from Kot. I mean… the issue ends with a fun little snapple fact that just tells you that upwards of 20 to 50k women were raped during the Bosnian conflict… Yeeeeeeeah. But that’s the sort of subject matter Kot tackles, and he does it in a way that makes it as thoughtful as it is tragic and definitely confronts readers with information that they might not be comfortable knowing, but probably should. So yeah, despite the gap between issues, this book definitely came back with a strong issue.

Revival #22

Talk about stepping up your fucked up game. This issue was definitely a recent favorite of mine just given how twisted shit got… I mean, a secret wall street society dining on a still alive(ish) flayed up reviver murderer? Yeah, that’s messed up… But why stop there?! How about a porn-like site where members sign up to get videos of another reviver mutilating himself with some heavy fucked up sexual tones to it? Oh yeah, that guy also probably got another reviver pregnant if the SDCC teaser is to be believed. Yep. Just a fucking messed up issue, and I loved it. That’s pretty much the story of this series, it goes along doing it’s thing, being really good all along the way, then every now and then a real notable issue like this just smacks you in the face. What a great book.

Velvet #6

Velvet is back! Hooray! So issue #5 left me confused on some bits, mainly the phone call to the hospital that we saw Velvet make, and all that… Turns out it wasn’t a call to the hospital, it was basically coded speak that were orders for her to kill her husband… As someone who isn’t the biggest espionage fan, not sure how I was supposed to know that, probably could have used a cutaway to show who she was talking to. REGARDLESS, all that gets picked up on in this issue, and having a better understanding of just where #5 left off, really helped me enjoy this one more. Velvet’s being crazy dangerous, going into the lion’s den, and it’s pretty badass, like usual. Now that we’re on the second arc, I hope the book can get on a more consistent release, because if there’s one thing that sort of pulled me out of it with the first arc, it was the not really knowing when the next issue was going to come schedule. But, as long as the issues do come eventually, I’ll be happy.

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