Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stack Rundown, 07/12/2014

Slim week this time around, and next month it's going to be slimmer, because I probably won't be reading two of these series anymore. More room for the more interesting books that are coming out, I guess.

New Suicide Squad #1

So, I talked a bit about this on Twitter Wednesday, but I might as well say it here too… I went into this book with literally zero expectations of it. If it was good, then hooray, surprises, if it was bad, then whatever. My verdict? I think it’s kind of a mess. There’s potential depending on how the characters interact with each other, but I don’t know man. I thought this was one of those books that in a way acknowledges a problem it has on a structural level, but only acknowledges it in the story, not doing anything to actually fix itself. Amanda Waller makes mention of the new team going too fast, and the book itself is just going too fast, hitting the ground running in a poor way. There’s just a lot of weird decisions that went into this book… Like how the Question is Waller’s boss, and despite his mysticism in New 52, he comes off here as some dumbass government lackey who says “Task Force X? More like Task Force XL!” Like… What? “Oh we’ll get the Joker on this team… Underestimating him? NAH” Then you got Joker’s Daughter being there, and I mean, whatever, I don’t care, but with everything going on in Eternal, it’s clear that one editorial group just went “We’re using her!” while the Batoffice was like “Okay, whatever, don’t care.” Then there’s Harley… like why is she even in this book anymore? She’s totally eclipsed it with her solo. Finally, I feel like Suicide Squad is a book that needs a fucking edge to it… have a unique voice and a unique look, and well, this ain’t that. Reminds me of how the book felt when it launched, just barely passable, but nothing to write home about. Putting all these thoughts down to the keyboard… man, maybe I didn’t think it was “just okay” as I originally thought.

Justice League United #3

I don' know, I'm just sitting here with this book like "The character interactions are kind of entertaining, but I don't know if I care to keep reading." It's just that the setting just doesn't interest me. Rann… Byth… Adam Strange… eeeeeeh. Then I see the Annual solicitation for October having the book start a story with the Legion of Super Heroes and YEP. I'm done. The Legion is the peak of me not giving a crap in terms of corners of the DCU. I mean, this book isn't bad, it has its moments like Green Arrow and Animal Man's interactions, but it's just not for me. Also, I hate endings like this one. "Oh no, Hawkman's dead" Yeah, no he's not. Not for a second. Maybe that cliff hanger would be convincing if the writer wasn't currently writing Hawkman alive and well (after seemingly dying AGAIN) over in Futures End. It's just disingenuous. It's like Beyonce singing "If you like it you should have put a ring on it," while Jay Z is over there just like "I do, so I did… you're not a single lady." What the fuck am I even talking about anymore?

X-Force #7

DOMINOOOOOOOO! …Wait, NO! SOMEONE SAVE HER! God dammit! But yeah, I think it’s past time I jump on the cult bandwagon and say this is the best X-book at the moment. It’s just so wonderfully twisted, dark, and humorous. I mean, it can go from that morbid opening scene with Psylocke asking Cable how he can commit suicide every day, to a goofy scene with Marrow and Nemesis in a restaurant, back to Fantomex shooting Cable in the fucking head, and feeding his body to sharks. This book is all sorts of NUTS. Then of course you got Domino, wanting help from a Cable who may or may not remember their friendship, and now she’s caught by what seems to be Sugar Man, but as someone who knows zero about him, I know he’s got two more arms than that. Seems like she’s going to get brainwashed or something, and god I hope not. I really just want Dom on the team… Please? Also, that scene with Fantomex and Hope mindfucking? How old is Hope? #FireSiSpurrier, LET’S GO PEOPLE, AMIRITE?!

Deadpool #31

See, this is why I like this book, because even if I don't like it at the moment, or just am not digging the current story as much as the previous ones, there are these moments of brilliance, usually when Wade drops the act, that are just fantastic. When Wade learns his daughter has been found but is in trouble, and starts looking for any hero to help, coming up empty over and over again, until he finds and has to plead with Thor (while apologizing for clogging the Avengers toilet), it was fucking heartbreaking. Deadpool. Heartbreaking. What? I mean, I may not have enjoyed the whole vampire thing with Dazzler, but this book always seems to pull me back in. This is one of the reasons I have high hopes for Arkham Manor in October. Duggan is pretty good.

Thor/Loki: The Tenth Realm #1

I was always a little skeptical on whether or not I was going to read this series, and I'm not sure why, since eI enjoy both the regular Thor and Loki books. Then I finished all my other issues this week, realized I only had six other books to read outside of the Gotham ones, and pulled the trigger on this one. I liked it. Stylistically, it leaned more towards the Loki side of things, mainly because of Lee Garbett's art, but Thor definitely was the bigger star of this issue. There's still something with Kid Loki that seems like it's being teased a lot and thus is important. I really need to look up what the whole deal with this is. Other than, still a fun issue… Feel like the whole situation could probably be avoided by Iron Man going like "Oh, red head in metal bikini? Yeah, I hung out with her in space for a bit" instead of Thor and Loki going to find some mystical tenth realm. 

All-New X-Men #29

Like Uncanny X-Men, I liked this last arc, but felt it just ended on a real underwhelming note. At the end it was just "Brotherhood comes back. Attacks Scott's X-Men, just because. Xavier was mind controlling the X-Men who are actually good. They loose." The end. It was going pretty alright before things concluded, then it was just… that. Like I said, just super underwhelming… and why the hell would SHIELD allow and facilitate a mutant terrorist to write a note to himself in the future on how to beat the X-Men? Wouldn't they, you know, read their prisoner's note? Talk about dumb. 

American Vampire: Second Cycle #4

So, the first arc is over? Boy, that went by fast, aided by the fact that this was a pretty action packed issue. If American Vampire has been one thing, it’s been consistent, consistently great that is, and this issue mixes some great looking crazy Kansas vampire tornado action with some nice character moments spread through out. Only thing that bugged me was that the visuals seemed to have a distinct lack of background detail this issue, but Albuqurque's art is great anyways, so it wasn't a big deal to me, I actually just noticed it when I was going to grab images for this post. With the first arc of this second series now put to bed, if I’ve got one negative, it’s just that the series seems a lot smaller now, and I worry that perhaps some of the other characters might get left by the wayside in an effort to push the main characters towards the end. Sure, there’s still plenty of time to catch up with the rest of the VMS characters or Travis Kidd, I mean, it’s only been four issues, but still, I worry. Outside of that nagging worry, glad to have the book back, and this first arc sure was fun. 


  1. I felt the same exact way about New Suicide Squad.
    I liked the reverse imagery in the ending of Justice League United, with Supergirl being the one holding a "dead" superhero.
    I'm only reading Deadpool because of Original Sin, don't get me wrong I've been liking it so far, but that ending gave me chills.
    I like that both Loki and Thor are learning about Angela this way because it gives the revelation more weight this way.
    Also, I read Son of Samhain because of this site and it made me want to get the whole series of Hack/Slash before the next issue.

  2. Well for starters Scott Snyder confirmed that Travis Kidd would be returning. He described him as being leaner with a "kung fu" edge and sporting a hot rod with retractable wooden blades. Calvin has also had a steady presence in AV Second Cycle, that coupled with the fact Snyder has said on record that this is the part in AV where all the characters come together I wouldn't be overly concerned that the side characters will be getting the shaft.