Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Robin Rises: Omega #1

Remember all that pre-New 52 Grant Morrison history and how it was sort of questionable whether it happened or not, or if it happened in the same way? Yeah, well, it happened. How? SHHHHH, don't worry about it man, all you need to know is Damian was there, now Damian is dead, but it's time to get Damian back! Maybe.

The Spoilers:

So after that initial history lesson, back to the ending of Batman and Ra's al Ghul #32, Glorious Godfrey is standing in front of Batman and co., demanding they give back the chaos shard. But of course, everyone plays dumb. Doesn't take long for Godfrey to figure out that the shard has been hidden in one of the two coffins, so since Batman and Ra's aren't playing nicely, he decides he'll just kill them all and take the coffins, thus forcing an uneasy alliance between Batman and Frankenstein along with Ra's and the League of Assassins... annnnnd, fight.

And fight they do, quite a lot of it, actually. Even Titus pulls his own wait, because of course he would, he's Damian's dog, dammit! Eventually, Some parademons attempt to fly off with both Talia and Damian's bodies, but Batman and Ra's grab on, not allowing them to escape. Ra's ends up falling into a chasm with Talia's body, and since she got dipped, I assume that's it for the al'Ghuls in this story, and we'll see Talia alive and kicking at some point down the line. But anyways, Bruce gets the parademon to drop Damian, and he finds the chaos shard inside the coffin which cracked open. Holding the shard, Bruce starts to remember everything from that first arc of Batman/Superman and then sees something else that makes him say "Damian... saves us all," but Godfrey shows up, blasts Bruce, takes the shard, and puts a gun to his head...

Enter the Justice League, who save Bruce from getting killed, and cause Godfrey's forces to start to retreat, taking Damian's body as it still got some chaos energy to it, so they take him too. Bruce hooks on to one of the parademons entering a boom tube, but Shazam cuts the line before Bruce gets sucked in, believing he saved Batman... Bruce is pissed, and starts whaling on Shazam. The League didn't quite known what Bruce was trying to do, so Wonder Woman apologizes, to which Lex says it's unnecessary, so Batman punches him too.

After the League recovers Frankenstein from under the ice, Bruce tells them the situation, and he learned of a way to bring Damian back, he just needs to get to Apokolips. The League is hesitant, but he straight up tells them there's nothing to discuss, he's going to Apokolips, and he's bringing back Robin... alive.


The Review:

Well, we are off to a great start. First of all, it was nice to see all the history, even if it was just basically Tomasi going "I don't know how this fits in the New 52, but fuck you, it happened!" Thanks, Tomasi. Moving on to the actual new story, the whole angle this story is taking with the chaos crystal, Apokolips and all that is weird and crazy, but we're talking about a story that has had Pirate Batman and time travel, so why the hell not? It works. This has the potential to be a real big story, and it certainly was kicked off a big way with Omega. There's a whole bunch of action, so the issue moves by quickly for being extra length, but that action is great (the sword bits between Bruce and Frank, especially) and it hits all the story beats needed to feel like a satisfying first chapter. I also really enjoyed seeing the Justice League show up. Far too often does Batman just seem to get alienated from the rest of the DCU in his own books, so seeing the biggest representation of the greater DCU pop in was much needed in my book. All that being said, this issue definitely did it's job to get me excited.

The Bottom Line:

And here we go... This is it, this going to be a big story, and it started just as big as I thought it would. That said, I'm still a little unsettled as to the potential of what could happen, but all signs seem to point towards Damian, or some form of him, so as long as some other character doesn't pop up late in the story in some really contrived way, then things are looking up Damian, that's for sure. I'm ready to go, that's for sure.


  1. I haven't really read this series past some tie ins and for my first real storyline, it started off epic as hell.

  2. I really enjoyed this issue. Takes the arc in a different direction, and incorporates some unconventional, not totally Batman-y stuff. Kudos to Tomasi, and great art by Kubert. I just wish he would jump on board a monthly. I'd read the hell out of it. I understand he's likely busy with the Kubert school, and being a "prestige" artist gives him the flexibility to pick his projects. Well pick a monthly! :)

  3. I dropped B&R awhile ago, but this review has got me interested in reading it again. Would you recommend starting back at issue 29 to catch up?

    1. It would help. But this issue is a good jumping on. All you need to know is Ra's has a part of the crazy crystal that was in the first arc of Batman/Superman

    2. Thanks, I'm leaning towards going back to 29. And probably picking up the first B/S trade.