Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con #1

Who's ready to break down the fourth wall and see Harley Quinn photobomb Dan Didio then quite literally meet her makers? I know I am.

The Spoilers:

Day 1: Harley arrives at San Diego, with the goal of getting her comic "Hurl Girl" seen by some of the industry's best, so she can become a famous comic star. Buuuuttt, it's preview night, so she can't get in. Instead, Harley does her usual Harley stuff around town, steals some things, gives to the poor, beats some other people up, like I said, Harley stuff.

Day 2: The convention is finally open, and it doesn't take Harley long to get kicked out! Having spotted DC EiC Bob Harras talking to someone she thought to be Batman, she pants the cosplayer in an attempt to discredit Batman from poisoning Harras' mind against her. Having been kicked out, a little girl finds her on the street and tells her that the Joker is looking for her, and will be in a room within the convention. SOOOOOO Harley breaks back in, finds a room full of Joker cosplayers, and has her way with them, left to the reader's interpretation, but I'm sure someone will get mad at that scene!

Day 3: After a long day of selling stuff at her Brooklyn friends' booth, Harley just wants to relax, but when she sleeps though dinner, decides to go out and get something to eat. A group of Harley cosplayers spot her and tell her to get in their limo for some fun and chaos... Given they've got the real Harley, this ends up with the limo on train tracks, a bullet in a cop's ass, and all of them almost getting sent to jail.

Day 4: Once again, Harley is kicked out of the DC booth for photobombing Didio while he's talking about 4D covers and books with no editorial influence that no one will buy. Harley hears about a big DC editorial dinner, so she tries to crash it with the bat mobile, but is told she's got the wrong place by an incognito Geoff Johns.

Day 5: Harley wins a portfolio review by Jim Lee, and while he reads her stuff she goes from scared, to paranoid, to angry to dancing with glee when he tells her that her book looks pretty alright.

Day 6: Hey it's that guy from Arrow, blah blah, oh look, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Harley gets their autograph, and on her way out, refuses to spend $300 on a copy of Batman Adventures #12, so she steals all the comics and heads home, chased by security all the way.


The Review:

This was billed as a daily rundown of Harley's shenanigans at SDCC, and sure enough, that's exactly what it was. The daily format worked out quite nicely, allowing the story to jump around from crazy situation to crazy situation without feeling like it was disjointed. It almost worked out where you'd even have one artist for each day, but there were some transitions during some days. 

Speaking of the art, I found it to be a mixed bag, quite honestly. It starts off with a Paul Pope page, which I'm going to guess wasn't finished in time for the #0 issue and just used here, then we've got a two page spread, followed by the first sequence illustrated by Damion Scott, who I've never been a fan of. That first day's art looks real rough, not going to lie, but from there things get better with artists like Stephane Roux and Dave Johnson. The major disappointment was that Amanda Conner only illustrated the pages of Harley's fake comic, which was a huge bummer. Please DC, okay some special issue way in advance just to give Amanda Conner the time to illustrate it all, I need that real bad.

There was an appropriate amount of fourth wall nonsense, with cameos including everyone from Marvel Editor Katie Kubert (poor timing) all the way up to Dan Didio in his pajamas. There was definitely some winks and nods with the humor aimed towards DC and the industry itself, but some jokes fell flat, like one seemingly aimed at Marvel for not being interested in anything new or original... When it's been Marvel who DC is currently playing catch-up to in terms of books that stray from the norm. 

The Bottom Line: 

This special accomplishes what you'd hope it would, Harley Quinn going nuts in SDCC with plenty of fourth wall destruction. While some of the art is a little tough to deal with upfront, the majority of the issue is a pleasure to look at, with plenty of crazy situations to smile at. The humor, while not really laugh out loud funny, was very consistent with quite a number of inside jokes pertaining to the medium, con culture, and the inner workings of the industry. Overall, while it's very clearly a one-off issue somewhat separate from the main book, anyone who is enjoying that series should have no problem getting into this issue.

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  1. I thought the Marvel joke was at the "All-New" and "Original Sin" titles... But it does feel like a holdout from a silly rivalry.