Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #8

Remember all those predictions I had for this issue and what’s on Harley’s roof? Well, I was right, but boy, did I underestimate the scope of what was to come.

The Spoilers:

It’s another day in the life of Harley, after pawning off some of the (stolen) rings she got from one of Syborg’s targets a couple of issues ago (as well as getting rid of some would be robbers in her own special way), Harley gives Big Tony some cash to finish his project on her roof, and goes off to her roller derby match.

The match is going well until some behemoth punches Harley in the face, which is a big no-no… there are rules in roller derby after all… which Harley decides to ignore, as she grabs her hammer and beats the ever living shit out of the woman who decked her. Unfortunately for Harley, this means that Summer, the team manager has to kick her off the team, but hands her an invitation to “Skate Club,” which she feels would be a better fit for Harley.

Back at Harley’s apartment, all the building’s residents are called to the roof for the unveiling of the Scatapult… Yep, Harley’s way of getting rid of all the dog shit from the animals she adopted. So… long story short, they start flinging away, and shit goes all over New York. What else is in New York that shit could cover? The offices of DC Comics? You don’t say. Annnnnd Dan Didio and Jim Lee’s secret editorial meeting discussing the new Zebra Man focused DC relaunch gets interrupted by a bag of flying dog shit. Yep… This book went there.

When Harley goes to get more ammo, another assassin is in her building, but he sucks, so they just launch his ass too, hitting a plane propeller, and all is good… Until an assassin who seems to know what he is doing ominously watches from afar!


The Review: 

So you know I love how ridiculous this book is, so take into account that this book has a scene where the offices of DC Comics gets bombarded with dog shit, and figure out my review for yourself.

The Bottom Line:

Did I skimp out on the full review because I’m on vacation? Perhaps! But I mean, just read what happens in this book. It’s immature as all hell, but just as amazing. What other book has DC’s offices being covered in dog shit? None? Oh go figure, that must be why this particular book is fantastic.

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