Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SPOILERS: Detective Comics Annual #3

The annual jumps back in time just before the current Icarus arc began, in order to fill in some blanks.

The Spoilers:

So, context fill-in time! The Squid has got that deal going down with The Kings of the Sun for the Icarus, but he’s also got his dumb ass brother he’s tired of babying, so he puts Julian Day in charge of his operation and his brother. Jonny isn’t happy about it, but whatever, Julian is his boss now… Until Julian gets the crap knocked out of him by Matches Malone in a bar bathroom.

Why did that happen? Well, in the B-Plot, there’s some Merc gang calling themselves the Bastards of Blackgate, and they’ve got a weapons stash hidden, and Batman wants to know where. When the thugs that get beaten up don’t say, a kid on the fire escape watching tells Batman where he heard they were. What’s this got to do with Julian Day? Well, this is Aiden Day, and Julian is his absuive father who forgot his birthday. Batman’s got a thing for father’s not appreciating their sons, so there you go, bathroom beat down.

Jonny Squid, or whatever his name is, sees Day knocked out, blabbering on about a calendar (which Malone told him to buy) and uses this opportunity to make a move and get the Icarus for himself. MORE TIE INS COMING. Turns out the Icarus is being guarded by Annie’s ex junkie boyfriend, who relapses and dies when Jonny comes to get the stuff. Annie gets this phone call from him after he’s gotten high again then hears gunshots and she’s all distraught and what not.

Jonny gets away with the stunt by blaming it on Julian, meanwhile the Bastards of Blackgate go after Julian for some reason, maybe the Kings of the Sun set them after him, and end up abducting his son. Batman saves the day, kid gets put into Elena’s youth center.


The Review:

I appreciated this issue for a couple of reasons, mainly filling in all the gaps for the current arc. Lot’s of whys and hows were answered in these pages. The story’s structure was pretty interesting as well, jumping around this one night, with threads and ties between each plot slowing being unveiled throughout. There were a couple of things I didn’t enjoy as much though, first was the three artists didn’t really mesh well together, but at least they seemed to stick to individual plots. I also didn’t really like what they did with Calendar Man, making him just this big thug isn’t anything interesting. I guess the idea is the brain trauma he probably suffers will lead him to being the Calendar man we know, but I just found his inclusion to kind of be disappointing.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re enjoying the Icarus arc, definitely pick up this issue as it provides a lot of backstory and setup, that we didn’t necessarily need immediately, as the main story has been fine on its own, but regardless, it’s nice to have.

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  1. Yeah, I didn't like how Julian Day was utilized for the same reasons you listed. I think there've been a lot of successful villain revamps in the new 52, despite it's hit or miss nature overall, but this one didn't do anything to make him more effective or interesting as a villain. Not a huge fan of Batman "creating" his villains by literally giving them brain damage, either.