Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #33

Have you ever thought "I really like Rocky 3, and I really like Batman, I wish these two could come together?" Of course you haven't! Because that's just plain weird. Let's pretend you did though, so I can tell you that I have got a last page right up your alley!

The Spoilers:

Picking up where the last issue left off, there's a big fight between the Kings of the Sun, The Squid's brother (Squid got shot) and Batman. Cops come, everyone makes a break for it, except some no-name bad guy associates.

The next day, Harvey Bullock is pulling some classic bad cop "punch the suspect in the back alley" with the guy they pinched from Wayne Enterprises, and gets info on the guy who's really at the top, Congressman Sam Young. Another Detective finds Bullock and shows him some info they found at the docks, leading to them figuring out there's some radioactive shit going on at an old Kane Chemicals lab.

That night, Batman investigates a hideout of the Kings of the Son (where a few guys wait for a truck that's late), finds traces of radioactivity, and some stalker level shit on Annie Aguila and her mother. Speaking of Annie, Holter and his gang shows up at her drug filled hotel room, with a beaten up Jonny, telling her that he's responsible for her mother's death and hands her a gun. Oh yeah, and Holter is her father, news to her.

Later at the cave, Bruce figures out there's something personal going on between the Kings and the Aguila family, but doesn't get to that point. Nevertheless, some of the serial numbers on the Kings' equipment lead Bruce to the same Kane facility Bullock is at, and Bruce knowing what happened with Bullock and the Icarus during Zero Year leads to a confrontation between them, all while whoever the guy is that fuels the Icarus supply, has escaped, and he's walking on the streets of Gotham, blowing the hell up, as we end on the Rocky III punch freeze frame between Batman and Bullock. Is it any coincidence Icarus' street label is a tiger? As in "Eye of the Tiger"

It's all Rocky's fault.


The Review:

Another solid, beautifully drawn issue. This is one of those books where it's just so consistent issue to issue, that I don't really have a whole lot new to say about it when a new issue comes out. The creative team is doing what they said they'd do, keeping things simple, on a smaller scale, and keeping them focused on Batman being Batman. All of those elements are accomplished well, but at the same time, it feels as if the book is playing it a bit safe at times. The only thing that I winced at (barely), was the "I'm your father" thing, because of course he is, Holter was just sort of there for some reason up until this issue, has to be relevant somehow.

The Bottom Line:

This book knows what it wants to do, and does it well. That said, like other Batman arcs and books that have set out to just keep things simple, not trying to one up everything, it can fall victim just feeling a bit underwhelming by comparison. There's no real progression to Batman's character here, it's just him simply doing his job, nothing new really. Is this necessarily a bad thing? No, not at all. If there's one criticism of Batman I've seen consistently, it's how people have gotten fatigued with every story trying to one up the last, which I can understand. This is the perfect type of book for someone who's gotten a bit tired of Gotham blowing up every new arc. It's stripped down Batman being Batman, illustrated beautifully, and it works. Those craving more, might find it lacking, but not because the story is bad. I fall somewhere in-between. I can appreciate what this book is doing, but I do like me some big excitement, because I've read a lot of Batman, so sometimes I'd like a story with some more umph to it.


  1. I can not believe you mentioned Rocky 3. That is the exact image I had in my mind on that last page.

    "Ding, ding!"

  2. I have a theory that the man in the page before last hopped up on Icarus and later blows up in the last page may be Harvey's old partner Spencer. If you look at the first page of Issue #30 and look at that one panel where it looks like Harvey and Spencer are posing for a picture together and compare Spencer's face to that of the face of that icarus guy in that second to last page in this issue.... they are very similar.

    1. I think that'd kind of be a weak twist, especially since they showed that guy's funeral in The Flash #25