Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Batwoman #33

In this latest issue of Batwoman Kate continues to track down Nocturna, go to therapy, and watch a custody battle pan out... you know, the usual Batwoman stuff at this point.

The Spoilers: 

Following her run in with Nocturna, Kate has a vampire fueled nightmare, which she goes to her therapist to dissect. The good doctor believes that Kate might be having some issues with her losing her mother and possibly believing she's the cause of Maggie's daughter potentially losing hers. Deep stuff.

While all that is happening, Nocturna is out and about socializing, but the former step-daughter out to kill her tells her assassin not to kill her just yet. Doesn't take long for another rich older man to fall for Nocturna, and in no time, he's on one knee promising, to her.

The next day, Kate calls Maggie's ex-husband, who doesn't really want to talk to her, but Kate just tells him to listen, and because she loves both Maggie and Jamie, she's got a proposition for him.

That night, Nocturna is out eating dinner with her new fiancé, when the assassin is given the green light to take her out. One missed bullet later, the fiancé is dead, Batwoman is confronting the assassin, followed by Night-Thief and Nocturna for round two on the rooftops.


The Review:

I, thought this was a solid issue. Nothing spectacular, nothing terrible, just somewhere in the middle. The balance between the day and night life of Kate continues to be interesting, but unfortunately, Nocturna on the other hand doesn't seem all that interesting. She just doesn't seem to have a hook other than she's a gold digger... who may or may not be a vampire, for some reason. Art wasn't my favorite this time around. Scott Kolins drew half, if not more of the issue, and as a personal taste thing, I've never been a big fan of his, and when he's matched up against someone else, his style is just really jarring to me. I'm also a little worried about the proposition Kate's got... I just get this bad feeling of "here we go, here's how we finally write out the marriage plot line." Hopefully I'm wrong.

The Bottom Line:

Batwoman continues to be an enjoyable enough read, with the mix between personal and vigilante life continuing to be the main draw. Unfortunately, everything around Kate's life balance just doesn't seem to be turning out all that interesting. Though I feel the book continues to be a fine read, the decreased sense in scale has definitely start to shown cracks, as the book has failed to take any risks recently and just feels a little too safe at times, this issue being a key example of that. 

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