Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman/Superman #12

It's been a long, long time since we've gotten a regular issue of Batman/Superman, and with this issue originally being solicited to be released in April, did I find the wait to be worth it? ...No. No I did not.

The Spoilers:

Following their much delayed, and out of order adventures with Huntress and Power Girl, both Batman and Superman are starting to have fuzzy recollections of the first arc, where they visited Earth 2, only to have their minds wiped by Kaiyo afterwards. Speaking of Kaiyo, she pops back ups and brings them back to Earth 2 for some reason, and gives them each an opportunity to directly effect the outcome of the world's history. 

Bruce and Clark land in Smallville and begin to witness Parademons attacking the Kents. Clark is about to use his one chance to save them, but, stop me if you heard this before, Bruce hears clark wants to do something, and he says "Wait. Don't do anything. That's all I got." instead, a trope that has become all too standard for this book. Sure enough, Earth 2 Clark comes to save the day, but it comes at the cost of losing Lois, which regular Earth Clark witnesses. 

At this point, Bruce and Clark are split up, and Bruce sees Alfred out on the street getting attacked by Parademons... Why he's out in the streets and not the cave, I don't know, but okay. Things get too close for comfort and Bruce eventually uses his one shot at changing everything. Hypocrite! 

The Bruce and Clark are then transported to the bat cave where the Earth 2 trinity plans their assault we see in Earth 2 #1, and Bruce admits to using his chance, which Superman says is okay. So the attack happens, everyone dies, Superman could use his chance to save Earth 2 Batman, but does what he knows Bruce would have done and saves Helena instead, which means they set off the events of everything. Kaiyo is pissed or something, and wipes their minds again.


The Review:

So yeah, this is what I don't like about time travel stories, when they just amount to stuff like "Oh, we caused all this stuff, it's like a loop. Wow!" which just translates to "Hey reader, congrats, nothing changed, you got nothing new out of this story other than we let you in on the cliché." These are the kind of stories I just feel are a waste of time, highlighted by the fact that in the very end, their minds are just wiped again, so not even they know any of this happened, completely scrapping any hope of the story perhaps mattering to the characters themselves. The fact that our Batman and Superman "guided" the events of Earth 2 #1 just doesn't really matter, we gain nothing by knowing this happened, because it's just that time traveling cliché I mentioned, the end result is the same whether we know what REALLY happened or not. 

There's even a moment of Superman wants to do thing, Batman says don't do thing, but has nothing else to contribute, which I'm starting to really hate in this book. Sure, situation was a bit different with Bruce pointing out they're dealing with a chaos demon, and it's addressed in some way with Bruce ignoring his own "advice," but it that doesn't change the fact that it's becoming an all too common occurrence in this book. I swear to god, in the next arc, if there's another moment of Batman being completely ineffective by just saying "Don't do that Superman" without suggesting any better course of action, I'm going to tear my hear out.

Outside of the story, there's nothing much to write home about. Art was decent at best, and even given the fact that this book was solicited half a year ago, there was still some fill-in art towards the end, which is saying something, because the whole book was fill-in to begin with. 

The Bottom Line:

If you're like me, and many others whose thoughts I've read online, and are on shaky ground with this title, this probably isn't the issue to jump back on with. The story doesn't amount to much more than a time traveling cliché and doesn't even contribute that much to the mythos of Earth 2. This was a completely skippable issue, I gained nothing from reading it, while Batman and Superman gained nothing from being in it. Hopefully the next arc is better... Hopefully the next arc comes out.


  1. Yeah, I'm not a fan of how Batman is portrayed by Pak in general. When this book was announced I had hoped Batman wouldn't be portrayed as ineffectual even though Superman obviously dwarfs him in "raw power".

  2. So you don't think the mind wipe has anything to do with the amnesia that has been solicited for the next arc?