Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #17

Deacon Blackfire is back from the grave and he’s ready to take revenge on Gotham, while Batwing and Jim Corrigan are helpless to stop him.

The Story:

Let’s get the backstory out of the way, three years ago Deacon Blackfire is big shit in Gotham’s slums, gaining a bunch of followers by promising to revitalize their neighborhood, but also drugging and brainwashing them. He’s also got Batman chained up in a basement, attempting to drug and brainwash him as well, lot like “The Cult” but it all goes wrong when Batman gets free, and Blackfire’s men turn on him, eventually beating him to death.

In the present day Gotham, Blackfire has pretty much been resurrected into Maxie Zeus’ body, and all sorts of demonic followers are coming out of hell with him. Batwing and Corrigan can’t do much, as they get swarmed while Blackfire, Joker’s daughter (accompanied by a voice whispering to her off screen) and all the creepy shit begins to rise up from beneath Gotham.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Tim and Harper meet with Sergei, who confirms that the nanobots in Gotham are indeed his, but they were stolen from him, and he also takes a liking to Harper and her skills. Tim doesn’t necessarily believe him, so he “requests” that Sergei come back to Gotham with him.


The Review:

Creepy stuff is always good, nice to see Blackfire’s past, and the art is from Dustin Nguyen and company is still fantastic. Still hard to see how this is all tied into the bigger story of Eternal, but I guess the city getting overrun by demonic shit is going to just tie itself into the book forcefully. Still would have liked to have seen more of a connection between this story and the bigger one, and it sort of just felt weird ending this arc on no real conclusion, while we’ll be getting a new writer jumping on board next week.

The Bottom Line:

This arc was overall good, but just felt disconnected. Lots of weird stuff is going on, but with everything being on the fringes of Eternal’s larger story, and any b plots other than Tim and Harper hardly being addressed, everything just felt like this was part of a different story… I’m pretty much just repeating the same point over and over again, so I’ll leave it at that.

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  1. Maybe the voice whispering to Joker's Daughter is connected to the bigger story.