Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #16

More light (metaphorically speaking) is shed on just what's happening beneath Arkham Asylum, none of it good, I wonder what could happen? the way, Arkham Manor #1 coming this fall! Heyooo!

The Spoilers: 

So shit's still going pretty bad for Corrigan and Batwing. Mr. Bygone is doing his spooky stuff, trying to reach into Corrigan, probably to do something to the Spectre, meanwhile Joker's Daughter mimics Batwing's voice, telling Batman that everything is alright. Meanwhile, Batman is watching over Bard who is getting hit on by Vicki Vale whenever he's not locking up Falcone's men. And then meanwhile in Tokyo, Tim gets attacked by some robot tentacles, because you know, Japan, and soon finds out that Harper ignored his orders, but ends up disabling the robots and saving his ass. After that, Sergei, Bruce's old trainer, emerges telling them that he had to test the duo, but now they can talk, and after? More tests.

Back to Arkham, while Pyg is getting introduced to the evil hoodoo going on, Corrigan overcomes Bygone's attacks, and goes to find Batwing, who escapes from the Joker's Daughter, but due to his suit having a lot of his tech disabled, isn't able to do much else. JD then introduces Luke to a comatose, yet very active Maxie Zeus, who is described as a vessel, the two duke it out, and eventually Luke gets away, meeting up with Corrigan. Those two talk, find out Arkham staff has been locked in there for months, one thing leads to another, and they discover that someone is trying to bring Deacon Blackfire's soul back from hell and Maxie Zeus is the vessel they intend to put it into.


The Review:

Here's the thing about reviewing a weekly book, when they're consistent issues like this arc, it's kind of hard to say everything you said last week again. So, read my review for issue #15, because a lot of the positives hold true, including the tone Ray Fawkes has brought to the spooky Arkham story, as well as the art team doing a fantastic job.

I did have some unique problems with this issue though. Some of the stuff just sort of got lost on me. Mr. Bygone, I thought he'd be more important, and found him just to be sort of blabbering on in a clich├ęd "look at me, I'm spooooOOoooOooooOOoky" sort of way. Then you had JD, who despite being as crazy as she is, seemed all too willing to be your friendly neighborhood exposition dialogue machine for Batwing. And finally, unique to this issue/arc, I just wish there was a better sense of how this particular part of Eternal connects to everything else. Of all the plot lines Eternal has got going, you can sort of connect them all to one another, except for this one. 

The Bottom Line:

Despite the disconnected feeling of the Arkham storyline, it's nonetheless enjoyable and entertaining, with Ray Fawkes clearly having a knack for this type of stuff, as well as Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs and John Kalisz just producing some beautifully creepy art. All that said, I think it's time for Eternal to give us a big reveal, another hook to hang on, a turning point of sorts. The roller coaster ride that is this book has had it's initial drop and some sharp turns, but it's about time we get to the crazy loops.

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