Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #14

Jason Bard makes his move to end the gang war in Gotham, and comes out looking a lot like James Gordon. Seems like Batman's got a great new ally on the GCPD... OR DOES HE?!

The Spoilers:

In Arkham, someone's going crazy, abducting Scarecrow through the walls, and with Arkham Manor on the horizon, shit is probably going to go real bad at some point there... Speaking of going bad, Penguin is on the run, and losing it, but turns out he's got a tip to where Falcone himself is hiding out in Gotham. Hmm... isn't it convenient that Mayor Hady gave up Falcone's location to Jason Bard when pressured with a possible case against him?

In Blackgate, Gordon and his Cellmate sit down during a meal. Gordon is in no mood for conversation, as his son's words are still ringing around in his head. More on him later.

So, Penguin finds Falcone. Falcone underestimates Cobblepot, believing him to be hiding behind his thugs, but turns out Penguin's been pushed over the edge and has gone a bit Clockwork Orange on us, getting his hands dirty. Stuff leads to other stuff, and just about when Penguin is about to slit Falcone's throat, Bard, the GCPD and Vicki Vale with a camera come in and everyone's arrested! Even Forbes was arrested off camera. 

That night, the time has come for Gordon's cell to be opened, and out he goes. When he reaches the exit, he finds Batman waiting for him. Gordon tells Batman he was going to lock the place back up. The two have another talk, where Gordon admits that he believes his time is over, he's getting old and it's not his city anymore. When Gordon hears of Bard's exploits, he tells Batman that maybe it's time he got a new "partner" and returns to his cell.

CUTAWAY! Tim is flying over the pacific ocean, looking at everything that just went down in Gotham, tells his computer to run a diagnostics to see if he can shave some time off his trip, and soon finds out that he's got a stowaway... Harper Row.

Back to Gotham, Batman takes the time to meet with Bard, but refuses to shake his hand. Turns out Batman was able to trace the tip to Penguin as to Falcone's whereabouts, something the GCPD wasn't able to do... Well, it went right back to Bard. What's the problem? Well, his tip lead to Penguin killing quite a few people. Bard sees where this is going, and tells Batman that he's trying to fix the city, and if he has to cross some lines Gordon refused to, then so be it... annnnnnd, Batman vanishing trick.

Finally, back to Arkham, Joker's Daughter has Scarecrow, says some stuff, waiting for Batwing and Spectre, blah blah blah.


The Review:

Well now, that bit with Batman and Bard was certainly... I don't want to say "surprising," but it was noteworthy, at the very least. I loved it. Bard's got a bit of an edge to him, and putting that wedge between him and Batman, even though they're both honestly trying to do the same thing, creates quite the dynamic between the two, definitely not what I was beginning to expect, thinking Bard would just be the new Gordon. Good for you, Batman Eternal, keeping me on my toes. 

Jason Fabok's return to art duties was very welcome in my book, drawing one hell of a creepy looking Penguin, and hey, look at that, the stellar Brad Anderson on colors got some cover credit. Well deserved. Unfortunately, we only get one Fabok/Anderson issue this time around, but we can rest well knowing that there's a good deal of Dustin Nguyen in our future.

The Bottom Line: 

This issue also presented us with quite the turning point, as I wasn't expecting the gang war to be over this soon... but as with many of the developments in Eternal, you can see where they're going to lead such as there being a power vacuum in Gotham now, something something something, Catwoman is the boss. That's what Eternal really does best, just continues to progress the story at a nice pace by laying brick after brick down this long and winding path. With this issue being a significant turning point for said path, I can't help but continually be excited to see where it goes.


  1. I think Rex Calabrese is Selina's father, and I'm glad Jason Bard isn't Gordon 2.0. Another great issue, and was Cobblepot wearing his Batman Returns outfit when he was fighting Falcone? lol

  2. Do you think Gordon's cellmate, Duncan I believe his name was, will be anyone of importance later on?

    1. Leo. And yeah, he'll probably have some part to play.

    2. I want to say Rex in some kind of program just because he hasn't appeared in a long time and his reappearance occurred right around when the first time I'm hearing about this Rex guy. Just saying, stranger things have happened but it wouldn't make sense.