Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #13

Jason Bard is the man with the plan, while James Gordon is tempted by a familiar devil, and Stephanie Brown's life continues to crumble.

The Spoilers:

First major storyline in the issue! James Jr. is meeting with his father and playing the tempter. Jr. sees a little of himself in his father (other than the looks). He believes that his father actually truly hates Gotham, and isn't the hero people believe him to be. So, Jr. gives his father the option to prove him right, informing him that the next night, his cell will open at 2:40-something AM, and he'll be able to walk free, no guards, no nothing. Jr. leaves, saying he looks forward to seeing Gordon the next night. Gordon asks his son if he's sure about that... He is.

So! Jason Bard's plan is to tell Forbes that he's got a location on Batman's storage/bunker/whatever, and can guarantee Forbes that they'll get him, meanwhile Vicki gets her editor to take her off the Gordon story, and allows her to do a ride along with Bard, under the pretense of them catching Batman... But it turns out, the locations Jason and his teams raid are just Falcone storage locations, and Bard plays the "bad cop" card and just goes "These look like associates of Batman to me!" and arrests all of them, even picks up one of the thugs' phone and tells Falcone he's pretty much fucked. Back at the precinct, Forbes is pissed as all hell, telling Bard to let them go despite weapons and drug possession, which is where Vicki comes in, asking if he can be quoted on that. This all leads to a very tense phone call from Forbes to Falcone... Which Bard and Vicki wire tapped, and will have up on the Gazette site within the hour.


Stephanie Brown is still posting her "spoilers" to Gotham's leading gossip forum, and despite being noticed by Joey from the Gazzette, they're generally ignored. Steph gets a text from a friend saying a package showed up for her, and uh-oh, it's a bomb. Steph goes running to her friends' house to find it up in flames, as her father watches on from a camera feed, telling Hush mystery man that his daughter will come to them.

annnnd Tim figured out who those nanobots belonged to and plans to head to Tokyo. After Tokyo, he wants to deal with Harper and her boundary issues, but he's failed to notice that she's snuck into his "nest."


The Review:

I've got to say, I really liked Bard's plan, and though things are bound to go bad, you've got to admit that he executed that perfectly, and things are going to change because of it. The wheels continue to turn! More or less, this issue continued where last week's particularly strong issue left off and definitely seems to be hinting at another power shift to hit the series. I can see Falcone losing his in with the police, just waging war on Gotham all out, that leading to his downfall, somehow Catwoman gets involved, blah blah blah, there we go. The layers just continue to be peeled back, and the book is just as fun as it has ever been.

This issue did have its low points though. Art wasn't as good looking some parts. There were pages where clearly Janin just did layouts, while the inker he occasionally uses (not present last issue) finished them up. But hey... I guess he had Grayson to worry about. That said, with March not doing his third issue as solicited, and now this, I don't want to get alarmed or anything, but the schedule seems like it may be catching up on the artists a little bit. 

There's also this one big of logic that I just couldn't get over. Tim comes back to his nest and talks to his computer saying "These nanobots seem to have no connection with Pyg" then just blurts out that Sergei guy's name as being the only person they could come from... then why the hell were you bothering Pyg in the first place? Tim. It's not even like the computer pointed it out. He knew it all along!

The Bottom Line:

While the art took a slight dip this week, #13 picked up #12's level of quality, and will surely be leading to something bigger to come, potentially next week if Jason Fabok is the guy illustrating the "big" issues. Last week I was saying that I felt something really need to give this book a good kick in the ass, despite the general level of quality, and hell, that's the good thing about it being weekly, because it might have just answered that.


  1. I really liked that they are starting to shine the spotlight on Steph and I believe that these next three months will focus on her role and setting off a big war for her between Hush and Batman/Catwoman.

  2. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the villain behind all this is not Hush but Simon Hurt? I really loved that character and I really wish to see him again, but I’m afraid that nobody but Morrison can write him.

  3. I guess no one in the vigilante business knows how to properly hide their secret lair. Seriously, twice in as many weeks!