Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #33

You know what my favorite Batman is? The Batman that gives a big middle finger to the Justice League, and does what he wants... Safe to say, that's pretty much ALL this issue is.

The Spoilers:

As we've seen in the preview, Batman wants to go to Apokolips, but the Justice League thinks he's being rash and not thinking things through... Too bad for them he doesn't give a fuck, and transports himself back to the Satellite, where his "Hellbat" suit waits for him. The League isn't far behind and ends up locking him out of the suit being released, and we learn that the League helped Bruce construct the suit to deal with large scale threats. After another round of talking, the League has to physically hold Batman back, until he gives up and goes home, claiming he's tired.

Turns out Glorious Godfrey was working on orders of Darkseid's son Kalibak, who is building something called the Chaos Canon, which requires the Chaos Shard's energy to power, thus why Godfrey brought Damian's body back, due to it emitting similar energy.

That night, Bruce is at the graves of Damian and Talia, and begins to smash the headstone of Damian's with a shovel, stopping when he realizes Superman has shown up. The two have a heart-to-heart, and Bruce seemingly has come back down to reason, so Clark leaves, saying to give him a call if he ever needs anything...

BUT REALLY, Bruce suits back up, heads back into the cave where Alfred, Jason, Tim and Barbara are waiting for him. He's happy to see them and tells them one thing: "Let's get to it."


The Review:

I love when Batman is just put at odds with the Justice League and just pulls one over on them. It's just great, because as they point out in this issue, he's only a man, yet he's just that much better than anyone else. He might as well have been flipping everyone off and then literally rub it in their faces, just going "Fuck you, and fuck you, fuck you too, I'm Batman." So far, I'm just getting real excited for where this story is going... Just total badass Batman, going behind the Justice League's back and getting Damian back. This is a story that feels like it was specifically written specifically for me.

And on a more serious side note, I really loved how Bruce and Clark were written compared to how they're written in their own title with some much patronizing nonsense between the two. Their interaction here felt like a conversation between two old friends, like it should... and honestly, it felt like pre-New 52 Bruce and Clark interaction.

The Bottom Line:

This story has so far gotten me really excited, it's started out great with tons of action and great beats that just illustrate why Batman is so much cooler than anyone else. Determined and obsessed Batman is a fucking force to be reckoned with, and so far Robin Rises has had nothing short of Batman's best.


  1. To me it seems like the jury's still out on what this story's going to be a little bit. It might be a "Batman shows why he plays a crucial part in the Justice League" story, or it could be a "Look at how inferior Bruce is because he has no powers" story. I also feel like he's almost taken a step back from where he was after the "Acceptance" issue, and I really didn't like how he was written from Red Robin to Batgirl, but we'll see how it turns out.

    I did really like Luthor's enjoyment of having Batman around, and I agree with you that this short scene was a better representation of Batman and Superman's friendship than much of Batman/Superman has been.

  2. I really liked that this issue gave the whole Robin Rises storyline some direction.