Thursday, July 3, 2014

Looking Forward: July 9th, 2014

I'm excited for next week, are you? No? Then what the fuck are you doing here?
  • Grayson #1: Sure, Dick Grayson isn't a super sexy lady who dresses up like a cat and steals things, but I've been saying Tim Seeley should write something Bat related far before Batman Eternal was announced, so I'll take it! Dick Grayson? Check. Helena Bertinelli? Check. Batman Inc. influence? Check. This'll probably be great!
  • Batman Eternal #14: Jason Fabok returns for an issue and with it, one of those many fantastic Dustin Nguyen covers gets to have sex with our eyes. 
  • Detective Comics #33: You know it's a good week when a book illustrated by this creative team is the least anticipated book of the three you'll be covering.
I'm writing this on Monday morning! Has shit been announced yet? I feel like some shit should be announced. Maybe it'll be next week, maybe not!

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  1. Not covering Batgirl anymore? Was the last issue just the last straw?

    1. yeah, I just don't think it's very good, and never really has been. I was trying to get myself to really like it this whole time so I just decided enough was enough, and stopped. Was going to do a post about dropping it, but didn't feel like being negative.

    2. Crud! I enjoyed reading an opposing view with the rest of the internet praising the book.

      Btw. You? Negative? The very idea!

    3. Yeah, but that came at a price of me paying for something I didn't like.

    4. True that. Sure as hell can't force you to review it. Gonna miss 'em.

  2. The way you described Nguyen's cover is creepy, and yet.... I can't disagree. Man, I want L'il Batman back.

  3. You doing panels this week? (Yeah, I know. I'm a panel lover!)