Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking Forward: July 30th, 2014

The mythical fifth week of comics! Thanks to the weeklies and Harley Quinn doing so well that it gets multiple releases, I'll actually have something to cover next week... Although I'll be on vacation! Yep. Gonna be out of town with limited internet access, but come Wednesday, I'll find a way to get posts up eventually, just might take forever to download the new releases onto my iPad, but we'll see.
  • Batman Eternal #17: Ray Fawkes wraps up this Arkham arc with a potential appearance of the actual Spectre. That could shake things up quite a bit.
  • Harley Quinn #8: "Scatapult" is a word that is used in this solicit... Soooo, we're going to get a giant catapult that flings dog shit all over Coney Island, aren't we?
  • Detective Comics Annual #3: Apparently this takes place in the past and ties into the Icarus stuff? Also we're going to see the reintroduction of a villain not yet seen in the New 52... I think?
So yeah, might be later than usual, but posts will come at some point next Wednesday, most likely all at once! If Monday rolls around and there's still stuff like previews to be posted, I might need some people pointing them out to me on Twitter so I know where to go when I do have internet... That or any relevant news, really. But given that it's post-SDCC, I don't expect much of that. GROUP EFFORT, guys.

In the meantime, you got trades, shirts, or whatever you want to buy online? Well, why not go through the TFAW or Super Hero Stuff affiliate banners I got up on the site? Turn off adblocker and support Gotham Spoilers, it's the cool thing to do! All you got to do is click on those banners, and buy stuff within the same browsing session and blammo, you get stuff, I get support. Win/win.

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