Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is Gotham Spoilers getting DidiOWNED?

So, I just spent a long time writing up some detective work I did on that new Brenden Fletcher/Cameron Stewart book, that's published by DC and probably a Bat book with a female lead/cast. I ran down each notable Gotham female, and their possibility of whether or not they'd be involved with this book. Naturally, I had to address the elephant in the room named Cassandra Cain, saying:
"Not gonna happen. Sorry. If it does, I'll just admit I got Didiowned."
Well, motherfucker. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, 4chan's got a eerily similar Birds of Prey rumor to what I came up with, and given that every rumor originating on /co so far has been false, it was easy to go "HA, no" when someone told me about it. But the fact that someone else is "leaking" something that I showed the math to, and got to a similar answer... I looked.

Basically the rumor has Fletcher/Stewart writing, Stewart sharing the art duties with Joe Quinones, which I doubt, unless Stewart is doing the layouts as he's seemed to mention doing on Twitter, and the team being lead by Batwoman with Bluebird, Spoiler and Black Bat in tow... Now, it all seems plausible until we get to "Black Bat." But then this twitter conversation between a cosplayer and Didio, apparently about Cass (I've had trouble verifying that, though), happened after NYCC last year. Then June happened, and this the subject was brought up again. Oh... well then.



*Maybe. If #FireRickRemender has taught us anything, it's that I can say whatever the hell I want on the internet and not hold myself responsible for doing so. Can you tell I think that whole situation is bullshit? I mean, come on, fucking inform yourself before you start calling for someone's livelihood to be taken away from them. Jesus christ. The only way #FireRickRemender is acceptable is if it's just so he can work on more creator owned books, because while I think Uncanny X-Force and Avengers have been fucking amazing, you know what else has been amazing? Deadly Class and Black Science. Also, Low, his next book got 50K orders! That's pretty good, like Saga numbers, congrats Rick! I'm looking forward to that one at the end of the month, and Black Science comes out the same day too if I remember correctly. Boy howdy, this is a long asterisk note... what was I even talking about? Oh yeah... I SAY WHAT I WANT. But no really, I'll be fucking shocked if this one is true, and I mean, a 4chan rumor actually being right? That shit is unheard of. But given the circumstances, I'm even second guessing myself. Maybe! I bet it's not right though! Or it could be! I get to be indecisive, because the internet! I should wrap this up soon... in case you were wondering, yes, this was a bit. 

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  1. You should make the website's tagline, "I lose my mind over internet rumors and trolly nonsense so you don't have to!"

    (I realize the #fireremenderorwhatever movement isn't trolling, per se, but I personally lump it all under the same category -- online fauxrage, flamewars, etc.)