Saturday, July 26, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 07/26/2014

This week on Batman Beyond 2.0, we get a bit of follow up to everybody's favorite feel-good story, "The Return of the Joker." Hooray!

The Story:

Starts off with a flashback to a night shortly following the past events of "The Return of the Joker" with Tim recovering in bed, while Barbara asks Alfred how he's doing (hint: not great). After speaking will Alfred, Babs heads down to the cave to remind Bruce that she quits, and the "other thing" between them is over too. Bruce turns around to respond and simply says he's not surprised.

Back in the present-ish, still a year prior to the present day of Batman Beyond, The Phantasm attempts to take Jake Chill's life for the murder of Warren McGinnis, but Terry shows up and saves him at the last moment. Bruce is shaken up by seeing the Phantasm again through Terry's optics, but Terry is just as shaken up when he finds a picture of his father in the wreckage of Jake's apartment. Despite Bruce urging him to walk away and return to the cave, Terry confronts his new ally and learns that it was Jake who killed his father? Reaction? Big punch to the face.


The Thoughts:

If there's one thing that I've liked about this series from the beginning is how much it really touches on elements that were left up in the air by the show. Be it The Phantasm just showing up again, or this chapter's callback to "The Return of the Joker," the series does a nice job of hitting all the right chords for anyone who was a fan of the show. Just the fact that we're revisiting some of the biggest elements of the Batman Animated mythos definitely signifies some big shake ups are to come, and I'm really looking forward to whatever they may be.


  1. Do we know what the "other thing" is that Bab's is referring too? I feel like I'm missing something. I've seen all the Animated Series episodes and the Phantasm movie and I get the tie in's, but the way it was written almost makes it seem like they had a romantic relationship, which I know they didn't.

    1. They had a romantic relationship in this continuity. It was alluded to towards the end of The Animated Series, and nearly flat out stated in Beyond where Barbara mentions giving Bruce an ultimatum.

    2. They made it pretty explicit in "Mystery of the Batwoman," too. Clip: