Monday, June 30, 2014

Welcome to Gotham Academy & Arkham Manor

I'm expecting some announcements for October, yet neither of these are anywhere close to what I thought, but hell... they sound pretty weird/interesting, so let's get to it?

DC announced today two new ongoing series, the first being Gotham Academy by writers Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher, illustrated by Karl Kerschl. Remember those pitched/abandoned/whatever cartoon series of Gotham High School or something, where Batman, Catwoman, Penguin, etc were all students? That's what this sounds like, only it's a prep-school in this incarnation. Misread some stuff in the rush to get these up, but where I read "Bruce Wayne is a student" it clearly says "is a benefactor." But I'm also getting word for others that it said "is a student" then got edited. SEE! I'm not crazy.

Meanwhile, you got Arkham Manor from Gerry Duggan and Shawn Crystal, where instead of Arkham Asylum being located in... well, Arkham Asylum, the Arkham facility is now in Wayne Manor. I'm sure plenty of grim hijinks will ensue.

Neither of these sound like they'll be part of the New 52 universe, for obvious reasons, so I'm inclined to believe they'll potentially be digital first series, but the article where they were announced doesn't really specify any details past "ongoing series" and "October." I'm sure we'll find out more soon.

EDIT: These are apparently both in continuity. WEIRD. Interesting to see DC do something completely new, though. Batman editor Mark Doyle has also teased more news in the coming days.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

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