Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stack Rundown, 06/28/2014

Hey, I actually had a number of books to read this week thanks to seemingly everyone I like at Image deciding that the last week of the month is where it's at. Of course this was also my busiest week, outside of reading comics, as well. But oh well, I read 'em, and wrote about 'em.

Justice League #31

A draft? You're trying to tell me there's a fucking draft coming from the entrance to the bat cave? I'm sorry, but that's a load of horse shit. Batman, FUCKING BATMAN, can't seal a doorway correctly? …No, just no. There's a limit… and just, no. Other than that, it was a pretty okay issue. Most of it was dedicated to that Lex/Bruce stuff, which… yeah, no. Then there's Jessica Cruz who is the new Power Ring now and guess what, she doesn't like it. I'm not sure how I feel about Captain Cold in the book… Lex seems to have a plan for him, but I don't… he just feels like the book's third wheel. I can see where Lex would fit himself in, but Cold's presence just seems sort of forced.

Red Lanterns #32

Well, bye Supergirl? See you in Justice League United, if I continue to read it. Yeah, I don’t know what the whole point of turning Kara into a Red was, especially when it ended so quickly. I guess her whole thing in the New 52 has been “Grrr, I’m out of place and I’m angry,” so this was therapy, or something? Sure, I don’t know. I’ve got a feeling that the end of Red Lanterns may be nigh. This arc that just kicked off is going to be the big civil war with the reds, and it’s really hard to think of what could possibly come next. Guy Gardner isn’t going to die, we can probably safely assume that… So he either beats Atrocitus, and continues leading the reds… but what could be a bigger threat? or Atrocitus takes control of the Reds again, and we’re back to square one. I don’t know! Just theorizing that everything could sort of come to a close shortly after the conclusion of this arc, as the Red Lanterns seemed to have painted themselves into a corner when thinking about the stakes and potential drama. We’ll have to see, I guess. 

Superman #32

I wasn’t going to read this issue, but then last weekend I got some paypal deal to get $100 in iTunes money for $80, so hey, I got some free money, might as well try it out… and I ended up liking the book quite a bit. I wasn’t expecting to not like it, but my come-and-go interest in Superman is pretty well documented. All that being said, I can get behind a pretty straight forward Superman title that just highlights his best qualities, and good thing straight forward, yet effective storytelling is Geoff Johns’ bread and butter. You can tell that Johns is going for somewhat of a classic feel here, as he’s usually one to do, but like I said, his stuff works because of that. Then you’ve got the other side of the creative team with John Romita Jr. Now, like many, I’m not a huge fan of his style, but having read the Captain America stuff he did recently, I’ve grown to appreciate it more, and I think it totally works for Superman. Thought the set up for the story was pretty interesting too, in a standard Geoff Johns final page spread reveal sort of way. I basically gave this book an issue to sell me, and if I’m being honest, it did, so I’ll stick around for awhile.

X-Force #6

I didn’t really see the Hope/Meme thing coming, but given Betsy’s comments in issue #3, which she reiterates at the reveal, makes sense I guess. This seemed to be the end of the arc, and based on me almost dropping this after the first issue, it’s safe to say that things turned around quite a bit. Everything’s sort of fallen into place and I’ve sort of figured out what Si Spurrier is doing, after there being quite a few “WTF is this?” moments early on. It’s been real entertaining since about issue #3 on, and I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m also glad that Volga isn’t gone completely, because for as annoyed as I was with Fantomex’s excessive french stereotyped dialogue, Volga’s Russian english is hilarious, especially when he’s referring to people like Cable as “old-guy.” He’s just such a douche bag, but it works so well. One thing I didn’t like? Domino is on the cover of the next issue, was expecting that to sort of start towards the end here… no such luck. BOOOOO! I’m hoping she’s more than a one off issue deal… she hasn’t shown up on any covers since.

Uncanny Avengers #21

Oh, so Kang betrays everyone after they prevent the world being blown up? Who would have seen that coming? Oh wait… even the Avengers saw that shit coming, and yet… WHOOPS. I was actually kind of bummed out by this issue, because it took "hit the ground running" to a whole different level. I feel like we were missing a few pages in the beginning, but at the same time, I can see where those producing this book may have thought "do we really need Wolverine to find Rogue and recap what happens?" I mean, it would make sense in the universe, but it'd be nothing but exposition for the reader. Thin line to walk there. But yeah, Kang bad… I don't know why some of his Time Corps. continue to work with him though? As far as I can tell, they're not all bad guys, so why'd they attack the Avengers too, I don't know. Oh well, looking forward to the conclusion, then AXIS. 

Outcast #1

So I went out and got this in print, its got Robert Kirkman on the cover, a #1 and it's a first print… How do I make a million dollars? I'll wait till the show comes out, I guess. Anyways, so horror… I'm honestly not a big fan. I have literally never gone and seen one of the countless demonic possession movies that have come out in recent years… but in comics, I can I do horror. Mostly it's because I hate the tense feeling horror movies create, were as comics, you control the pace, and quite honestly, I feel its impossible for a comic to scare me because I'm so detached from it, knowing they resemble nothing close to reality. So with that said, while I'm not all in to the demonic possession movies, I did enjoy this, and Kirkman did do a good job of setting things up with a lot of character development right in #1, but wasn't super over the top with it, allowing readers to digest bits of character through off hand mentions and allusions to past events. Good start, looking forward to seeing where this goes. I have a hard time seeing how this one can be as open ended as The Walking Dead or Invincible, but I guess I'll have to wait and see how/if that even happens.

Deadly Class #6

Well shit, this was one tense read. This is a Rick Remender comic, so you know I’m just sitting here the whole issue like “whose gonna die?!” Thought for a second Billy would bite it, because out of all of them, yeah, he seems like a red shirt, but alas, the only guy who died was the guy saying he was going to kill everyone else, funny how that shit works out, right? But even though none of the main characters died, like I said in the beginning, the entire issue was really tense because they easily could have… Then there’s the mystery of animal fucker, or whatever his name is, but he’s all sorts of fucked up, and seems like he’s going to be a bigger threat down the line. Anyways, great finale of the arc, and I’m hoping to see more of the school when the book comes back in September. Also, #TeamSaya.

Invincible #112

I don’t tink I’ve read another superhero book as brutal as this one. Robert Kirkman is basically George RR Martining the shit out of the Invincible universe right now. This issue didn’t even pick up where the last one left on the final page, instead, it’s just Robot killing motherfuckers left and right. By my count, there were five confirmed deaths, one left up in the air, and some serious maiming of nearly everyone else… I mean, god damn. The book has definitely gone off the deep end, along with Robot, but I’m not going to lie… outside of what happened to Eve last issue, which I kind of thought was crossing a line, there’s some sadistic pleasure in reading this shit play out. Not that I’m enjoying watching all these heroes get fucking eviscerated, but the story has just got so much balls to do such a thing, and I can’t help but be foaming at the mouth to see what comes next, because this is one of those rare instances where everything really does change.

Saga #20

Maaaaaaaaan… Marko is going to have an affair with the dance teacher, isn’t he? For a book that I love so much, that last page of the last issue just totally bummed me the fuck out, and now I’m just depressed reading it. LOVE IS DEAD! or at least it’s gonna be! Shit. Despite the impending bomb that’s going to be dropped on Alana and Marko, probably, the book is still really good despite the dread hanging over it. I like the time jump, it’s just enough to freshen things up, but not seem like there’s a whole bunch of story we missed in the months/years (however long) the book didn’t cover. That jump will also make it extra interesting for whenever characters from awhile ago start to show up again, because they’ll obviously be changed as well… and hopefully The Will isn’t still brain damaged… but more importantly, more Lying Cat is needed. So yeah… I’m dreading the day that issue comes, but damn if the title still isn’t fantastic.

C.O.W.L. #2

I wonder how closely the broad strokes of this series are going to be with the movie, because if the answer is "pretty close" then I feel like I might already know what's going to happen… In this issue, we find out what that mysterious file was from the first, and it turns out someone might be leaking C.O.W.L. secrets to the bad guys… Now the whole hook of this book is the union trying to stay relevant in a world where they've gotten rid of all the bad guys. If you've seen the movie, the answer of who could possibly have leaked the file is pretty obvious. Don't know if it'll go that route, but… yeah. Regardless of potentially already knowing the twist that may or may not be coming, what this book does is really expand the world Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel set up in the film, with like twice as many characters, all of whom have their own unique qualities. Have I mentioned the art is really fantastic too? There are a couple of pages where Reis' line work seems to switch  from panel to panel, and like Noto, it kind of bugs me, but also like Noto, everything looks fantastic. 

Chew #42

Tony Chu ain’t got time for anyone’s bullshit! God, what a great scene when he realizes Applebee set him up for a dangerous three week undercover operation. Just straight up says “fuck this,” blows his cover, and starts kicking ass. Also, great cliff hanger, simply because it was a dolphin screaming “CHICKEN IS DOOM.” Yep, just because it was a dolphin, that’s so ridiculous, but amazing. This arc is supposed to get really fucked up from here on out, but there’s that Poyo one-shot in between this issue and the next… and if I’m going to make a prediction, I’m going to guess something bad happens to either John or Mason… IE they die. Killing Olive would seem just mean, especially after #30, and I feel like Amelia would be off the table too. John and Mason, now if they were killed by the Vampire, that could shake up some serious shit. Who knows, maybe something crazy will happen to Tony as well, there was that arc where he was pretty much just in a coma the entire time. Whatever happens, I await it nervously. The end is coming soon, so I expect when whatever is supposed to happen in this arc happens, everything goes crazy from there.

Revival #21

Okay, I wasn’t sure how the shift to New York City for Dana’s story was going to work, but I really liked this issue a whole lot because of it. Dana’s investigations in Wisconsin either seemed to be slow moving at times, or just continued to get sidetracked due to whatever else was going on at the time, so taking her away from that situation, and putting her in a bigger one where shit is already starting to go off, really felt as if she was sort of kickstarted before. The book gets the best of both worlds too, because with Dana gone, it’s not as if her investigations in Wisconsin are on hold because Ramin seems to be handling them now, looking into that creepy as John Doe reviver. I’m definitely excited for where this story is going to take the book, that’s for sure. I’m not going to say I thought the series was getting boring or anything, far from it, but this NYC story really has given it an extra little jolt.


  1. I gotta say, last week for me was personally rather disappointing and underwhelming in terms of comics. I only truly enjoyed two issues out of 12 I read last week (Harley Quinn and Batwoman). However, this week was the exact opposite. Only one stinker in 14 I read (darn that Sovereign). It was like the companies pushed all of the awesome stuff to the last week or something.

  2. Before reading Saga #20 I didn't know you could die from diarrhea.

    1. Hahaha, oh yeah, that's some boy scout level shit. Just poop out all the water in your body, get dehydrated and bam, death by excessive poop, in an unscientific way of speaking.


  3. I feel like Captain Cold will have a more important role in the Amazo Virus storyline coming up, maybe Lex is the one who creates it.
    I read Supergirl, so it was easy for me to separate what her becoming a Red was supposed to do for her title and Red Lanterns, respectively.
    I felt that Geoff Johns' first Superman issue was too full of "traditional" moments and addressing the stuff some people don't like.
    While reading Saga, I was like "What the hell is the grass monster doing criticizing my television watching habits?!" lol
    While COWL #1 sold me on the big picture of the series, this issue sold me on the character moments