Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stack Rundown, 06/21/2014

And finally, some Image books to read... it feels like forever since I've had more than one book from them to read... On top of that, it was the return of Sex Criminals and a new series, so hooray comics? Sure, we'll go with that.

Wonder Woman #32

Honestly, for how much I've enjoyed this run on Wonder Woman, I've got nothing left to say about it, that's the damning part of being amazingly consistent. The title has been as enjoyable as it was in the beginning, which is saying something, considering it has pretty much been the same book from a tonal perspective for nearly three years straight now. Still not tired of it… Where this issue leads off, and considering the next issues are solicited as Cliff Chiang illustrating them, I'm guessing we're moving into the final three or four issues of the run, wouldn't be surprised if October is the last. But yeah… It's great, all the Gods stuff is still fun, fights, fights, fights… I just got nothing new to say about it!

Uncanny X-Men #22

And this book was doing so well up until this point too… So, I guess we got the BIG reveal as to whoever was sending the Sentinels at Scott and his X-Men throughout the whole series… and who’s the guy in the bubble helmet that appeared on an Avengers cover long ago but never actually in a book… AND THE ANSWER IS… Dark Beast from Age of Apocalypse… Why? Because he hates everyone… annnnd now he’s dead. Talk about quite possibly the worst handled reveal I’ve read in a long, long time. There was no build up to the actual reveal and there was absolutely no pay off to it either, it just seemed like Bendis went “Wait… I’m tired of this story” and wrapped it up in the quickest way possible. Just straight up fucking disappointing. Doesn’t help that the art was pretty messy too with like six or seven inkers, and colors that just didn’t fit on some pages.

Original Sin #4

Basically you can sum this issue up as "The Marvel Universe doesn't know what the fuck is going on…" and I'm not sure that I do either. Up until the last couple of pages where we learn the Nick Fury Sr. Bucky killed was a super advanced LMD, and the real Fury is all old and shit, this is literally the cast of the book going "What's going on!? I don't trust you! No seriously, what's going on!? I don't trust that guy either!" And quite honestly, I'm not sure where we're going from here… Are we still trying to find out who killed the Watcher? I'm not even that sure anymore. I don't know, it's half way through the series, and I'm glad we've gotten four issues in the time that it took between the final two issues of Forever Evil (probably?), but enough questions, let's get some answers.

The Punisher #7

This issue fell a little flat for me, had some nice action, but outside of that, nothing really stood out to me about it. From where the last issue left off and this one picked up, it just felt as if something was missing or there was just a general disconnect between the two. I actually thought these next two issues were supposed to be flash backs, and the main story would pick up after Frank getting shot, but I guess not… But yeah, for a sort of filler issue (that’s what it felt like), it was fine, just kind of unremarkable. Missed Mitch Gerads’ art too, definitely has more of a unique feel with his coloring as well.

Thor: God of Thunder #23

How do you go about turning into a minotaur, then when the cops show up go “Trolls stole my clothes!” I mean, I realize there’s legal issues, but can’t Thor go “Yeah, that dude is a minotaur, I’m a god, fuck you,” I mean, why not? I don’t know, sucks for Thor. ANYWAYS, you know what this book does well? Fights, lots and lots of fights. Between present day Thor fighting the minotaur and trolls and King Thor going god butcher on Galactus, this issue was filled with tons and tons of action, all of which was very fun to read. I guess the book is going on a bit of a hiatus after the next wrap up issue, got that Thor/Loki Original Sin mini series coming up… I may actually give that one a shot, I like both books so might as well. We’ll see.

Sex Criminals #6

This was one of those Image books where I loved the first arc, but had absolutely no idea what the title would be past that, and well… here's the answer: SEX BATMAN IS THE BAD GUY! Something like that. Anyways, this first issue of the new arc took a dark turn, and in a slightly surprising twist, this issue isn't really even trying to be funny at all. I mean, the first line of the letters column is basically "We're back, and we forgot the jokes!" This wasn't a comedic issue, it was actually sort of a tragic one, as after issue #5, where we learn that Jon isn't all that right in the head, then #6 follows up with him and his various mental disorders as he becomes increasingly stressed and paranoid. The issue continues down that path for a while, exploring the effect of drugs like antidepressants and how they just wipe some people clean… and yeah, totally a pretty dark issue when you start thinking about it… but still, SEX BATMAN.

The Wicked + The Divine #1

I didn't know what to expect from this series to be honest, but I picked it up anyways, obviously, and came away very intrigued, to say the least. Basic premise is a bunch of gods of different faiths get reincarnated into the bodies of young men and women, and they become pop stars, basically. Some are obsessed with them, some want to kill them, but the catch is they "go away" after two years (die). So there you go. It's definitely an interesting premise, and the stuff that goes down with Lucifer in this issue obviously creates a mystery, so I'm curious to see this one though. Art was great, McKelvie's got a great clean style, and having not read a lot of Gillen's work, I found his style to be like I expected based on reputation (young characters, snappy dialogue, so on and so forth). So yeah, it was a good start, and while I may not be singing the book's praises screaming "10/10!" at the top of my lungs, it definitely piqued my interest, and I'm looking forward to reading more. 

Fatale #23

We live in a world where this issue has more sex in it than the book called "Sex Criminals," what is this nonsense?! So yeah, lots'o'sex in this issue, but that also brought some of the best/craziest art of the series, because it was TRIIIIIIIIPY FREAKY OCCULT SEEEEEEX… or something. Basically, Nick and Jo do it, and Nick see's some secrets? Mainly, he sees the first time Jo died and the fact that she had a kid with his uncle, which is something that was always teased, but I don't know… didn't seem like anything really came from it? For a penultimate issue, I don't know… seemed sort of anticlimactic, even though it did set up the final confrontation. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, it had some great art, but the reveals of this issue just didn't seem to be that important, just getting stuff out of the way... who knows, I could be wrong.


  1. I love in Wonder Woman that this confrontation with First Born hasn't seem long at all.

  2. I'm gonna recommend, me just being a fan of Kieron Gillen, you check out his image miniseries Three. Great ride, and great statement on our perception of Spartan culture due to films like 300.

    More importantly, you're probably better off trade waiting that Tenth Realm Original Sin Mini.(It actually irks me that Thor goes on a hiatus until the whole event wraps up. The book is generally amazing.) Pretty certain Angela is getting an ongoing spinning out of Original Sin somehow since they said a female led book would, and it is probably better to read that as a lead in. I dunno. I don't like miniseries with events. They always feel like an afterthought.(see forever evil minis.)