Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stack Rundown, 06/14/2014

Real short week, nothing from Image (don't worry, got like 12 books from them the next two weeks...), only one book from DC, and a couple from Marvel. Dull week for comics and me, which I guess works out since I was paying attention to E3.

Justice League United #2

I’ll admit that I’m on the edge with this title, I want to see where it goes after the opening arc, because while the concept hasn’t grabbed me completely yet, I do enjoy the interactions between the characters so far. It’s definitely a weird cast, but it’s one of those things that because they’re so weird and unexpected, they can use that to the team’s advantage and work in just as unexpected ways. So yeah, that’s been the highlight of series so far, but the story with Rann, this obscure alien baby thing, eeeeh, that sort of stuff is out of my radar in terms of my interest in the DCU so nothing particularly grabs me so far… well, scratch that, the Lobo and Hawkman fights are good, but that isn’t quite “story.” I also found some of the dialogue early in the issue to be super exposition, just the characters explaining what exactly they’re doing while fighting the big creature… Yeah, I can see that. Also, the unexplained Supergirl/Red Lantern bit is annoying, but hey, this is New 52 continuity soooooo, fuck it?

Deadpool #30

I’m pretty lukewarm on this arc so far, the whole bring the old Dazzler from the past to fight vampires things seems like something that was better saved for one of the typical Deadpool in the past inventory issues, not a whole arc. I even think the whole vampire thing kind of sucks, I’d rather just the title move on after the wedding rather than continue with that plot, when there were 13 issues worth of it in the digital series that introduced Shiklah.  Then there’s the art, which I just flat out don't like… Those faces just look weird. I guess the daughter thing could be interesting, but so far, I’m not really enjoying this arc.

All-New X-Men #28

“Just because” isn’t really a good reason for anything, Xavier… Oh well. TO BE FAIR, they did explain why this is happening, because after Battle for the Atom, the Brotherhood left messages for themselves in the future with info on how to win next time… So there are a few questions to ask, first being, is this a second group of the Brotherhood who goes back in time? Is that why JeanXorn is there? Second question, if the Brotherhood left messages for themselves in the past, does that mean there’s a group of old Brotherhood mutants who stayed in the past up until the point where their younger selves get the messages? I actually know the answer to this and it’s: who gives a fuck? Does it REALLY matter? At one point Raze points out how time travel makes his head hurt, and yeah, pretty much that. Ignorance is bliss, because the moment you actually start thinking about all this, is the moment it all falls apart. Entertaining issue all in all… why was Cyclops on the cover?

Secret Avengers #4

This series just continues to hit all the right buttons for me, and actually seemed to tone down the silliness a bit this month with Fury Jr. and Hawkeye going after The Fury. There was a good deal of entertaining weirdness between MODOK and Maria Hill, but considering most of the issue dealt with some mysteries and a crazy killer alien, there wasn’t much room for stuff like jokes at Hawkeye’s expense, hell, Black Widow and Spider Woman weren’t even in this issue, which was sort of a bummer, but oh well. So yeah, continuing to enjoy this book, it’s fun.

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  1. "the whole VAMPIRE thing kind of SUCKS?" was that intentional?