Saturday, June 7, 2014

Stack Rundown, 06/07/2014

I'll be honest with you, at the time of putting this post together, for whatever reason, I'm just super tired. I'm not going to bother trying to write anything here… I'm just looking to copy and paste what I wrote earlier and just hit publish. BYE.

Swamp Thing #32

So I didn’t read the Aquaman issue that lead up to this, as I don’t read the series anymore, but luckily, they summed up that issue in like a panel or two, which was much appreciated by me (although, I did look up spoilers just to be safe). I kind of find the Swamp Thing vs. Aquaman fight to be laughable, in Swamp Thing’s favor. At one point, you just to figure Swamp Thing is going “dude, stop that, you can’t kill me, how many times have we been over this, it’s getting annoying.” Yeah, it was a fun sort of team up, sort of fight between the two characters, and Jesus Saiz draws everyone well, that’s a fact. What’s more interesting is now the former avatars are making their play, and I’m wondering just what it’ll be, because there’s not a lot they can do as humans. I mean, the issue ends with Lady Weeds stabbing Alec in the neck, but not before stating that they know it’s just symbolic. 

Futures End #5

Okay, I think I’m done. This book just does seem to want to get to the fucking point other than “We need to stop this future that is never going to happen anyways.” I consider myself to be pretty invested in the DCU, but have sort of been falling off lately, I hoped this would really jump start my interest again, but instead this book just wants to dick around and not actually provide any reason for it to exist. There’s just no hook. Here’s this week’s issue in a nutshell: Five pages spent on Mr. Terrific being Steve Jobs on steroids introducing the new iPad. Doesn’t fucking matter, waste of five pages. Grifter and some old character being vague and not actually making any motivations clear for a couple of pages. Hey look, Fury is a prisoner on regular earth now, whatever. Firestorm drama! Jason is a douchebag, so he goes to the playboy mansion as Firestorm? Okay, that’s dumb. Blah blah blah, I lost my mom in “the war,” yeah, you and everyone else in the DCU, hard to feel sympathetic towards that. Oh hey look, Constantine in the middle of Kansas rambling on about some random shit. Yeah, this book is a mess. 

Green Arrow #32

Ah, what I wanted to see, Green Arrow actually doing stuff in his home city, feels like it’s the first issue of Lemire and Sorrentino’s run which has tackled that. So yeah, Richard Dragon’s men (and lady) attack Ollie, meanwhile we learn a bit about Richard Dragon himself… Mainly, he’s not the real Richard Dragon who we remember from the pre-New 52, but he trained this new one… Until New 52 Richard Dragon killed him, and took his name. Welcome to the New 52, folks! Who wants to bet real Richard Dragon isn’t dead? Mmmhmm. ANYWAYS, Ollie’s little half-sister comes to save the day going “I’m the new Green Arrow!” Now, given solicits for Futures End, it’s clear that’s what happens in that timeline, but here? Little girl, Damian did it better, that’s all I’m gonna say.

Earth 2 #24

I wasn’t going to buy this issue, then I did for some reason, and I’m not sure why, because I still feel like I don’t want to read this book anymore. There are elements in this book that are still enjoyable, like little character moments here and there, but then there’s just everything else this book has devolved into. I mean, there’s a scene where Jimmy Olsen tells Thomas Wayne off for being a dick and being too grim, it’s almost as if it’s commentary, but then you have to remember that this is one of DC’s biggest GRIM AND GRITTY books out there, so kind of hypocritical. Then there’s stupid shit like renaming Red Arrow “Connor Hawke” out of no where, bringing absolutely no attention to “Hey, we brought Connor Hawke back!” and then fucking killing him. RAD. I just don’t find this book to be enjoyable anymore and has lost what made it a stand out in the first place and with no interest in the third DC weekly, safe to say, I’M OUT. Bye Earth 2… you were fun once, then shit happened.

Original Sin #3

Well now, that was quite the ending. I have no idea what the fuck just happened or why, but daaaaaaaamn, Bucky. I’ve been looking around the internet to see if anyone has an idea to the “why” (they don’t) but mostly I see “it was just an LMD.” Yeah, I don’t know about that… tons of blood, torn flesh, etc. HE DEAD. Meanwhile Forever Evil is all “We’re going to tease for nearly a year that Dick Grayson will die, and then when everything is said and done, he’s fine and didn’t do anything the whole event.” and Original Sin is on it’s third issue over here, just laughing. DC’s grim and gritty just got one upped, I fear what they’ll do to retaliate! But man, this story really does seem sort of a natural extension to identity crisis and shock factor aside, I’m still super curious as to what’s behind it all, we don’t really have any sort of a good idea yet.

Amazing X-Men #8

I’ll be honest, I didn’t finish this issue. I wanted to, as I liked this writing team on their X-Froce run, and Colossus coming back gave me some spark of hope that maybe he’d mention something that gave Cable and X-Force a bit of closure (he did not)… But then it went full on Alpha Flight characters, and the extent of my knowledge of that team is “They’re Canadian.” The end. Half way through the issue I thought to my self “I don’t care about these characters” and that was that. Maybe when this book moves past this arc, I’ll try it again, but yeah… I really just don’t care. Sucks, because I like the X-Men, but man I’ve been dropping the auxiliary titles lately, I’m just down to Bendis’ books and X-Force.

Black Widow #7

Man, this book does two things really well, first: just looks beautiful, and second: tells really good personal stories for Natasha. This issue she comes across Daredevil, and he just cuts straight to the fucking core with her. We see a flashback with her and Daredevil, right after she offs some dude, and he can tell she’s a bit shaken up by her heart beat. Here, a similar situation comes up, but Daredevil can’t read her heartbeat at all, and is just like “I don’t know what’s going on, either you’re a perfect liar or you don’t know the difference and you’ve bought into your own lies.” Excuse me while I OOOOOOOOOOOOH, SHIT. Daredevil cutting deep. Then he basically tells her to get the fuck out of his city, because she’s unstable. Yep. Great issue, and in a world where Hawkeye seemingly only comes out four times a year, this book is filling that gap nicely. 

The Punisher #6

Not going to lie, I enjoy the hell of this book, but I found the conclusion to this arc to be a bit lackluster. The final confrontation with Frank and Electro just seemed to be cut short by Domino… Now, I’m a well documented Domino fan, but her involvement as to why she’s working with AIM has been kept a secret, and to the bare minimum, as she’s pretty much appeared in only four panels over these past three issues. Then frank gets shot by those spec ops people who have been tailing him and then we’ve got two flash back issues coming up. So yeah, this ended a bit flat, but I definitely recognize the larger story is far from being over, so there’s a good chance of Domino coming back, HOORAY!

Captain America #21

Man, Rick Remender really loves just beating the shit out of Captain America, maybe as much as Scott Snyder loves torturing Batman. God only knows where they’re going to go with this one now, because the day is saved, but Captain America is an old fucking man now. I’m not even sure how this happened, Iron Nail drained him of his super serum or whatever? Sure, let’s go with that. Remender just has a knack for writing stories that are REALLY going to piss off continuity nuts. Uncanny Avengers really didn’t fit for awhile, then went “Well fuck you, too” and blew up the earth, meanwhile this book has elderly Cap, who probably isn’t going to be elderly anywhere else. But you know what? Who cares! Not me! Cus I don’t read any other books where this would bother me! At the end of the day, these are really well handled long form stories which I love… Oh yeah, remember that time Captain America got killed in Uncanny Avengers as well? Shit, man.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #5

I feel like I need to go into a wiki and read up on some of Loki’s recent history, mainly when he was a kid, because I feel like I’m missing something with how this “good” Loki came to be and what’s going on here when they sort of kind of reference that stuff… I think? I don’t know, I’ll do that later, but I still had a fun time with this issue. I know this book leans on the trope of “this is what you thought was going on, but this what was REALLY going on” a lot, but I have to admit that I find it entertaining in a silly way. The plans and double-crosses get so deep, it’s almost hard to keep track of everything and what’s really going on, who wants what… but it’s all wrapped up in this pleasant little dry-witted bow, so whatever… it’s entertaining. 

Moon Knight #4

So with the news of this creative team moving on, my frustration with how disconnected each issue is, and word that the next team is going to continue the one-shot issue style, I was all ready to drop this book following the issue. When we’re talking about mainstream books, I come to those to get invested in continuing adventures of heroes, or whoever. I don’t need long-form story telling like a Morrison epic, but I do enjoy being able to go through a few continuos issues and get a good story that has a point, and possibly gets built upon by the next one. Moon Knight just isn’t that book… Despite that, after reading this issue all I could think was “I get it?” Maybe it’s just because I finally came to terms with this book not being structured the way I hoped it would eventually be, who fucking knows? All I know is that I didn’t come away from this issue as disappointed that it wasn’t connected to anything as I did the last few. That said, this was probably Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire’s best issue yet, so the loss of Shalvey moving forward is still a major blow to my interest in the title. Don’t know if I’m going to pick up #5 or any beyond that… Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Nailbiter #2

The only Image book I read this week! Didn’t these guys get the memo that every Image book I read comes out in the final weeks of the month? Seriously. Anyways! Love the creepy vibe they’ve got going here, I would say its very Hannibal Lecter-like, but there’s a point where they flat out say that’s not what they’re doing… Nailbiter doesn’t like chianti, boo on him, chianti is great. Anyways, I was thinking about it bit, and this book KIND of reminds me of a more grounded Hack/Slash, as it has that element of being a story about a whole bunch of serial killers, only here it’s condensed into one specific town. Sure, there’s a lot of differences between the protagonist in this book being an interrogation specialist for the army compared to a young 20 something goth girl in a bra and mini-skirt wielding a baseball bat, but hey… they got to be different somehow? It’s definitely filling in that creepy serial killer hole left by Hack/Slash, buuuuuut, H/S does come back next month sooooo… yeah, I’ll read both!

The Wake #9

You know what the biggest problem this book has? It’s scope is waaaaay too large for a 10 issue series, especially when those ten issues are split between two time periods. The universe that is set up within this book is just so vast, and there’s so much I want to know about the world, but in reality I know very little. Stuff like the government that’s been set up, we’ve gotten a bit about them through this arc, but I really don’t know dick about them or why they’re really the bad guys. Then this issue jumped ahead a couple of months and went “Look at all this crazy shit you missed” with two pages… I want to see that! In a perfect world, this book would be an ongoing which really lets itself breath and expand everything out instead of being condensed to two five issue arcs. 


  1. I feel the same way about The Wake. I liked the issue, but dammit, I wanted to see the crazy robot people! It sounded and looked awesome!

    Nailbiter isn't really doing much for me personally. It's like watching the TV pilot for a show (Hannibal keeps popping into my mind). But the first issue was the first 10 minutes, and this issue was the next 10 minutes. Seriously, get on with it!

  2. The Wake feels so rushed, there should have been more issues.

    I think DC put all their resources into Eternal and gave the left overs to Futures End.

    I read Batman and Batman Eternal, is Detective Comics worth reading?