Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #7

Poison Ivy is back in town, and she's got a lead on who has put out a hit on Harley. The answers... well, they won't particularly shock you, because well of course that's who did it.

The Spoilers:

It's a beach day for Harley and her BFF Ivy, who has got a lead on whoever is putting out the hit on Harley's head. Turns out the info is being sent from her computer while she's out or asleep, so after they're done toying with some Jersey Shore rejects (one of which Harley "keeps"), the duo heads back to Harley's apartment, where Ivy has got a plan to figure out who's responsible for the hit.

Ivy's plan is basic, but effective... Just hide in Harley's closet (there's an innuendo there, somewhere) and wait to see who sneaks in and uses Harley's computer. Only problem is that Harley is like a child and can't/won't go to sleep, so Ivy has to do everything from giving her a glass of warm milk to flat out demanding she go to sleep. Once Harley finally goes to sleep, it doesn't take long for Ivy to realize that Harley is sleepwalking, putting the hit out on herself. Turns out, Harley's subconscious combined with suggestions from her talking beaver has some crazy idea to attract all the killers in the area to her, so she can kill them, and thus live peacefully in her fresh-start life in Coney Island. Sure enough, as Ivy is discovering this, more killers show up once Harley ups the bounty, and Ivy is forced to defend Harley, still sleeping. It takes a boot to the head to wake up Harley, who jumps in the fight and gets a bit stabby... and boy do things get stabby... and then things get teary-in-halfy-...aparty... Yeah, not for children. 

Once this is all figured out, the next night, Harley, Ivy and Big Tony go and find where all the assassins in Coney Island meet up to give them the news that there is no bounty... as well as getting all the info they need to threaten their loved ones if they still feel like trying to kill Harley. One guy's got nothing to lose and doesn't believe the bounty isn't real, so he gets shot in the face, no big deal. And that's that! The mystery is solved, but not all the assassins were in the building and Harley can't take down the site with the bounty, so she'll be dealing with this particular problem for awhile longer, but oh well, she's done just fine so far.


The Review:

Man, I called that one, didn't I? Even though I figured out who was putting the hit out on Harley, it didn't make things any less enjoyable to be honest. This book just continues to be a completely mental, albeit highly entertaining, ride. So far I've loved these issues with Ivy as the guest star, and to be honest, it needs to keep happening, because it's hard to top that duo together. The highlight of the issue was the sleepover those two had, between trying to guess Harley's password and Ivy trying to get Harley to go to sleep, those two are just fucking adorable together. Seriously, I just need more Harley and Ivy, end of story.

All the positives aside, I will say that the series' trademark violence took a dark(er than usual) turn when Harley wakes up... She straight up just goes Michael Myers with a butcher knife, and the violent yet humorous tone took a little bit of a dip there... but it all comes back up when Harley and Ivy start betting on which side of a razor wire fence a dead body will fall on! So, lol.

The Bottom Line:

I've loved every issue of Harley Quinn so far, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin have done a great job of establishing Harley's own crazy corner in the DCU with the setting and supporting characters... But I've got to say that the two issues with Ivy are standouts. Robin's dead, so might I suggest we refer to Harley and Ivy as the real dynamic duo now? In fact, gimmie a Halloween issue where they dress up like Batman and Robin. I need that issue, and I needed it yesterday. Anyways, my point is, these two issues where Harley is given that connection to life outside of Coney Island have been the best, and I'd love to see more guest stars pop in every couple of issues or so. Harley Quinn has been one of DC's most consistent titles, and has done nothing but been a complete joy to read from the first page, that's for sure.

(NOTE: Reminder, I'm not doing actual number scores anymore, because I think they're stupid)

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