Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SPOILERS: Batwing #32

Tiffany Fox is still in the Gotham Underground, running away from Ratcatcher, who is about to catch her again until Luke comes to save the day. Being really young and scared, Tiffany doesn't trust a dude in a costume, so Luke has take off his mask to get his sister to trust him, and there you go, they escape.

Lucius Fox gets the good news the next morning and meets his family in the hospital to greet his daughter. Luke on the other hand is in a church, and when he's not wiping the spit from his tomato sister's mouth, he's praying to God, asking how things could turn out this way.

Sometime later, Luke prevents some motorcycle gang from attacking a family on the road. Batman meets Luke on the rooftop later and they have a discussion. Luke asks Batman how he deals with the insanity and after being unsatisfied with the answer is all "I don't think you have a personal stake in this anymore," then says he was just putting the fear of the Bat into the monsters that he just dealt with. Batman is all "Yeah, but the point is not to become one."


The Good:

Art is still really good, now that we know the title is getting cancelled, I wouldn't mind seeing Pansica draw some other Gotham figures in some later Batman: Eternal issues. 

The Bad:

I honestly only read this issue because I thought that I might as well finish up the arc, and boy was it underwhelming. Where last issue left off, it made it seem like there was one last conflict with Menace in the cards, but no, he's not even here. The major conflict is wrapped up a couple pages in, and the rest is just generic filler which either contributes to the religious tones they've been laying on pretty heavily in these past two issues (coincidentally, when talking about Batwing in Batman Eternal writers have specifically noted Luke being religious and paired up with the Spectre) or forced drama between Luke and Batman. 

Not that I have a problem with Luke being religious, I think it offers a bit of diversity into comics which seem to stray away from religion most of the time, but it's just like I said, it was laid on thick these past two issues. Just seems out of nowhere. Then with the Bat drama, we're supposed to believe that Luke went a bit too far with the guys he beat up to save the family, but when you look at it, he just beat them up, like any other Bat character would, and now it's the "don't become a monster" thing? Bleh.

I also still think it's morally disgusting what happened to Tam. The wiping up of the drool just really put the final nail in the coffin for me. Can anyone really justify what happened to her for being anything other than patented New 52 grim and gritty bullshit? Fridge city.

The Bottom Line:

Batwing was a fun book until this storyline, where it fell victim to every hero in Gotham needing to have family tragedy to fuel their angst. This stuff has just been done before, and this time around the villain wasn't interesting, and the results were just depressing. It's a shame, I would have liked to have seen this book stick to its more entertaining elements while it wrapped up, but the drastic turn from fun to angst this arc took has totally turned me off from reading the remaining issues in the series. 



  1. I like your bottom line. I am reading my book later today. I did not read your full review so I would not ruin it. I respect you for your review. Do Futures End next

  2. I am sad to see this book go it became my favorite comic after seeing him improve his suit and also origin of Luke in Zero Year. I agree with you completely. They show how happy and Peter Parker like Luke is on top of a car telling people to "have a good night." They should have kept Luke Happy and globe trotting like the first arcs. I was almost hoping Luke was go quit seeing how Batman in him are arguing. I hate how even now Luke dont know Bruce is Batman. I hope I see Luke on team up books or a spoof Batwing and Red Robin lol