Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Ra's al Ghul #32

Two dudes, one pit... UUUUUH, moving on... With Robin Rises on the horizon, the fate of Damian remains in the balance between Batman, Ra's al Ghul, and a third, glorious contender.

The Spoilers:

One down, one to go... As Batman and Frankenstein emerge into the lazarus pit chamber, Talia is being pulled from the pit, and Damian is being held inches above, as Ra's taunts Bruce, detailing his views of psycological revenge on the Detective for what he did to the al Ghul family. Ra's goes on to explain that this pit is special, once activated by a special crystal that had been a source of energy in Talia's base, the pit allows the dead to come back to life, if they remain in the liquids for 24 hours, thus the sarcophagi, meant to retain the liquid. After the standoff, it's not long before Bruce and Frankenstein go on the offensive, as Bruce can't risk Damian being brought back at the cost of his soul.

In the chaos, Bruce manages to snatch Damian's body, while Frankenstein holds the League of Assassins forces off. When Bruce reaches Titus and the bat plane, Frank has been defeated and thrown to the hull of the jet. Ra's and Bruce have one more stand off where Ra's tells Bruce he will destroy everything he holds dear if he prevents Damian's return. Bruce doesn't take the threat lightly, and offers one of his own, telling Ra's if this continues, he'll straight up kill him, and make sure he doesn't come back. Any other day, Ra's would see that as an empty threat, but not that day, and the two begin to fight, making sure both Frank and the League stay out of it. Batman is about to go The Mountain on Ra's skull, when with a loud crack, a boom tube opens, and out from it steps Glorious Godfrey and the force of Apokolips.  TWIST.


The Review:

From point A to point B, not much actually happens in this issue in terms of number of events, but what does happen is pretty god damn enjoyable. The stand off between Ra's and Batman is just so perfectly laid out, and Tomasi absolutely nails both character's mindset while the art team turns in their best work so far on this arc. The fight scene that follows up that stand off is just fantastic as well, and gets particularly brutal, eventually mirroring a recent notorious Game of Thrones fight, which is obviously coincidental, but nevertheless very engrossing. This issue also leads to some big twists and turns, for one... Talia has been dipped. In twenty four hours, she should be back from the dead, so that's pretty big, and then of course you got Godfrey, who isn't the Apokolips character I expected to show up, but he's still rather surprising. 

If there was anything this issue left me wanting, it was a little bit more of a hint as to what's to come, just so the speculation can go wild early before Robin Rises: Omega #1 hits. Sure we got Godfrey and that crystal, but I would just like that little bit more of an idea as to where things are going to go, because that last page reveal just didn't quite do it for me. 

The Bottom Line:

This issue was just a tiny bit away from being a complete hit with me. That said, if you like Batman and you like Ra's al Ghul, as well as those two fighting, man does this issue do a good job with all of that. Both characters are grieving in their own ways and the tension between the two of them and their desires for their family is masterfully displayed in this issue. At this point, I just can't see how any other character can be brought in to be Robin at the end of this story, and man, I'm looking forward to where this one is going to go.

(NOTE: Reminder, I'm not doing actual number scores anymore, because I think they're stupid)

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  1. Tomasi really nailed Ra's al Ghul's voice in this issue. I couldn't help hearing David Warner in my head the whole time, and any writer who can echo B:TAS that well has my $2.99 for the next month.