Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman #32

Just when Batman thinks he's put a stop to Riddler's little game, he learns it has just begun! Hey man... it's Zero Year, he's not used to this standard bad guy trope yet, give him a break.

The Spoilers:

Team Batman thinks they've got the Riddler's location locked down to Old Wayne Tower, so Batman goes high and infiltrates the building from above, Gordon leads the military through the tunnels below, and Lucius Fox has got his finger on the button ready to hit the jammer signal they've got if Riddler figures out their game... But then the trouble starts. Turns out the military guys have one goal, and that's to confirm Riddler's location, mark it, and bomb the shit out of it. After Gordon points out a multitude of what look like vampire signal boxes, which hijack signals, but Riddler wouldn't need that many, Bruce sort of has an "oh shit" moment, realizing Riddler is going to jack the military signal, order a strike, which will set off the bombs, and because of Gotham and caves, the city will skin into the ground, essentially.

As bruce has this realization, everything goes to shit, Riddler's robots find him in the elevator shafts, and also find Lucius outside, blowing his jammer to bits. Bruce manages to escape and save Lucius before the robots can kill him, but neither of them can contact Gordon anymore, so they've got 40 minutes until the bombs drop for one last Hail Mary. Looking at the graphical representation of the signal they tracked on the map which they hoped would lead to Riddler, Bruce notices something on the edge of the map, and I really couldn't tell you what it is, but it's a callback to the conversation he and Riddler had early on in the arc about that Egyptian puzzle. 

Sure enough, Bruce does find the Riddler, who wasn't in the center of Gotham close to the grid, like they'd all expected at one time. An answer that was hidden in the improbability of the truth, so a Riddle, more or less. Anyways! Bruce tells Riddler that the game is over, he lost, but Riddler is a bad guy after all, and it's just begun! Cue to the trippy disco floor laser light show of death! ...I'm not joking. Don't know what that last panel is, but that's definitely what it looks like!


The Review:

I'll be honest with you, I'm sort of out of things to say about Zero Year now. I mean, what is there left to say? We've moved past the big reveals and the story is just play itself out at this point. I've literally got no new thoughts about this issue... Batman and Riddler are going to have it out, yeah, we knew that was coming and that's what's happening. I don't know what else to say. Even pointing out how fantastic the art is from the pencils, to the inks, and to the colors... Yeah, it's great, everyone knows that. 

The Bottom Line:

It's hard to deny that Zero Year is suffering from some serious fatigue at this point. While there's no dip in the quality, the arc has just gone from having surprising twists and turns, to just a Batman story set in the past where he fights the Riddler. It really seems as if Zero Year just doesn't have anymore tricks up its sleeve, and without them its age is starting to show, so to speak. I know I sound rather indifferent towards this issue, but I have to stress that I still did enjoy it, it's just that I'm very ready for the story to be over.


  1. I agree with the fatigue. Zero Year just feels like it's been going on forever. To me, it's gone on too long and don't think it should've been such a long arc. I love Snyder's writing, but am kind of tired of Zero Year at this point. I'm ready for something new.

  2. I wouldn't say that I'm feeling fatigue, it's just that I know all the big surprises are through and now I'm just enjoying watching the dominoes that were set up fall.

  3. Another good issue, can't wait until its over so we can go on to something new.