Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guess what happened to Batman/Superman #13


July 30th is the new July 16th.

Hey... wait a minute... This seems familiar.

Yeah, I'm pretty much just going to do this every time, just to be a dick about it. These delays, no matter their length, have gotten into the realm of unacceptable. Next week we're finally getting an issue that was solicited a half-year ago. And even with those six months, it's fill-in art from two different artists. Sure, with #13 now getting delayed, there'll be a month in between it and #12, but the fact remains that #12 is only coming out next week because it missed June (and April and May) entirely. Let's not forget that the contents of issue #13 were solicited as a new issue three months in a row. Should I just start writing my "Guess what happened to Batman/Superman #14" post now? Because chances are it doesn't hit it's August 20th release date.


  1. With all the delays this series has gotten, I'm surprised you haven't dropped it. It makes zero sense why the last time this title was delivered on time was back in January.

  2. I thought the promise was no more late books, even if it needed a fill-in. But if fill-ins are coming in late, even with an impromptu crossover month to stall for time, how much does DC really want my $3.99?

    I know it sounds a little like entitlement complaining, and I'm not going to do the "NERDRAGE ZOMG DROP ALL DC" routine I see on the message boards, but this title should be one of DC's flagships, especially with Batman v. Superman coming soon.

    1. There being no delays was a pipe dream along the same lines of believing Jae Lee on a monthly title would work.

      But yeah, this is one of those books that really needs to get on track, and if getting another good artist who can put together a string of issues on time is the answer, then so be it. Since the first arc, this book has been nothing but a filler arc that didn't amount to much, delays, a bad crossover which was released out of order, fill-in issues, and last minute crossover fodder. It's absurd.

    2. Yep, I agree 100%. I want comics - this one especially - to be good. The premises have been intriguing, but the execution has fallen short.