Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stack Rundown, 05/31/2014

Slim week for the company stuff, but there was quite a few notable books from Image this week, some of my favorites, new favorites, and stuff I just say "fuck it" to and try without knowing anything. Living on the edge!

Futures End #4

This book is weird, I don't even know why I'm reading it, to be honest. On one hand, I guess I'm interested in seeing this potential future and everything, but there's that side of me that knows none of this matters, I'm not really a big fan of anyone on the cast, and the art has been pretty subpar through a majority of the series so far… But here I am, still reading it, still sort of finding it interesting and I don't know why! Tim Drake is super bitter now and hates super heroes? Cool? Then we go to Plastique and the Key? Who the fuck cares about them? And those two are probably going to be big parts of the series, they're on that teaser image. I think that's my biggest issue with the series so far, the cast has been so lacking in reasons to really care… where's Booster? He's up to time traveling shit, right? What's with the Justice League? Show some characters people care about, not just characters who had their books cancelled and D listers… Yet, I still read.

Red Lanterns #31

So, I wasn’t aware that Supergirl #31 was meant to be read between these last two issues of Red Lanterns… God fucking damn it DC, stop this. It’s not boosting sales! Just leave it alone. Notice how I’m not reading any other GL books at the moment? That’s because of the constant fucking crossovers between them. Anyways, whatever happened in Supergirl #31 didn’t seem to really matter to this issue that much, go figure, so I didn’t seem too lost. From what I can tell, Supergirl met the Judge and something happened, then this issue happens… I’ll stick with that. But anyways, seems like the book is building up to a turning point in July when there’s a big Red Lanterns civil war of sorts coming in the summer. Not sure where they’ll go with the book once Guy Gardner and Atrocitus fight again, there hasn’t been any real hints to anything bigger on the horizon, so I guess we’ll have to see what’s up whenever October solicits come out.

Uncanny Avengers #20

You can really tell that things are coming to a big turning point for this book… which is most likely AXIS in the fall, which will be helmed by Rick Remender… but looking at the cover of that with all the heroes… I’m kind of confused to how Uncanny Avengers would lead to a team of Storm, Deadpool, Iron Man, etc. Who knows. But anyways, Planet X is gone, and we’re going back to before the Earth was destroyed, and also before Rogue was killed (funny, they don’t mention “before Scarlett Witch and Wonder Man were killed” because technically, they could land before Rogue’s death, but not those two) so welcome back Rogue?! Probably. I did think things wrapped up too quickly with Eimin, especially since she’s been seeded all the way back to Uncanny X-Force. Perhaps she’s truly not done, but it’d suck if she went out just giving up once daddy Kang shows up… Speaking of Kang… you know he’s going to fuck over EVERYONE at some point. He’s being too helpful.

Deadpool #29

Original Sin tie in! If there was one thing I’m curious about, it’s how these secrets that are unleashed by Orb get revealed to those they matter to… I guess everyone just sort of learns shit, like Preston learning where Deadpool’s daughter is. Little anticlimactic, but oh well. This is a weird issue, and I’m going to guess the whole arc is gonna get a tad bit weird, as one half of it seems to be Preston dealing with Original Sin stuff, while the other half is Deadpool going back in time to get Dazzler (as the “real” one who is actually Mystique told him to fuck off) in order to help him kill the vampires that are attacking his wife’s people. Super weird split, and as with most of these Deadpool arcs, I don’t really know what to expect from them, but they usually shape up pretty okay. Wasn’t a fan of the art though, everyone’s heads and faces just seemed to be different shapes any given panel. Oh well!

C.O.W.L. #1

I got a chance to read Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel and Rod Reis’ COWL #1 about a month ago, and I’ve been singing its praises ever since. This week was the first time I reread the issue since then, and man, I liked it even more the second time. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a great mix up of Mad Men meets Watchmen… sorta kinda, but it’s a period book set in the 1960s which features the first union for Superheros, but the thing is, they’ve cleaned up the city, gotten rid of the villains, so now what? There’s so much promise in this book, tons of characters, and all highlighted by some beautiful artwork from Rod Reis, who up until now has primarily been coloring books like Justice League, Aquaman and Nightwing. I’ve seen some people sort of pass on this simply because they thought Nightwing wasn’t that good, but I’ll tell you right now, to anyone that pays attention, there was some bullshit with Nightwing that was beyond any writer’s control, what number new direction are we on with Dick Grayson now? Yeah. But trust me, Higgins and Siegel are on to something with this book, and they’ve got nothing holding them back. COWL is truly a fun and unique take on the super hero team genre. 

Trees #1

This was one of those “I might as well while I’m here” sort of things when I went to pick up print copies of COWl and Chew/Revival. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read a lot of Warren Ellis, but I definitely know who he is, and know that there has been some excitement about this book, so what the hell. Basic premise is… wait, you know the game Destiny that’s coming out? Where a big moon looking alien ship just parks itself over Earth for some reason? That’s pretty much Trees… whoops! Except it’s alien ships that are real tall, sticking out like trees, and they don’t do anything but pollute the earth and ignore humanity. What I found compelling about this book is the fact that it’s spread between multiple protagonists over the globe living their life in this post-Trees world. None of these people seem to be connected, but then again, after a few issues, there could be some big revelations or whatever about the scope of this series. From what I can tell, the direction of this book is pretty loosely defined (to readers at least) so the possibilities of what could happen seem pretty wide, and I’m interested enough in continuing to check it out... Though, since writing this I've seen talk about Ellis' stuff not lasting long and this possibly only being eight issues soooo, I don't know... Maybe trade read this one for me.

Chew/Revival #1

The fact that this book exists is just so weird, but it makes me happy. I love how this book handled the crossover between the two stories, as I wasn't sure if it was going to be one big story or just two separate one of stories. It was the latter, and each series that took the lead did a great job of incorporating the other series' elements into its own world. The Chew story was obviously a lot more goofy than the Revival story which was dark and creepy, as that book tends to get. It was just really fun to see the Revival characters drawn by Rob Guillory and the Chew characters by Mike Norton, although, I wish we got more Chew characters in the Revival section outside of Tony and some panels of Toni. What I REALLY enjoyed was that the Revival story pretty much spelled out what the deal is with the ghosts, and it was something that I had figured out through discussion with others, but it was good see it on paper that the ghosts are the souls of the revivers, looking for their hosts to move on. With that explanation of the ghosts, I really like how Tim Seeley tied the ending of his story in with recent events in Tony's life. So yeah, super weird, but what a great one shot.

Southern Bastards #2

This book’s atmosphere is just so good, absolutely spot on for what it needs to be. These first two issues seem to have just set the stage of what the book is to become, and if I’m going to make an educated guess, it seems like there’s going to be a lot of old man beating people with a crude stick in this title’s future, which is pretty alright by me. We get introduced to the main antagonist of the series, Coach Boss, who is the football coach of Craw County, and basically he’s also the mafia boss in a way. While it doesn’t seem to be straight up organized crime (yet, I’m sure there’s a meth ring somewhere around here) Coach Boss has a bunch of businesses, can have people killed, etc. and no one is going to question him, because as the football coach in a small Southern town, he’s pretty much a god, that, and people like the police used to play for him, so no one is going to question him at all… I also just really like the name “Coach Boss.” Everything about this book is just so fantastic, and it makes me hungry for some BBQ.

Deadly Class #5

I think the last time an issue of this series came out, Black Science also had an issue where the main character died, and I was talking about how Remender’s bloodlust had not yet hit this title… You know what doesn’t help my mental stability? Having the issue end with the main character getting the shit beat out of him, then close it out on a solid colored page with one line of captions and a giant “KRRRACK” sound effect. UH OH. No, I don’t think Marcus will die, it doesn’t seem like a book where the main character could come back in some crazy way like Fear Agent and (probably) Black Science, but I do remember Remender talking about this series and arcs being like semesters, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a time jump between next issue and whenever arc 2 starts, and Marcus being out of commission. I don’t know, maybe! I would like to see this book head back to the school, because we’ve barely been there, that said… going to places like Vegas makes for some fantastic visuals, and I said this Wednesday night, but Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge are making this one of the best looking titles on the stands. 


  1. Droppoed Futures End after issue two, don't like the cast and the book is just boring.

  2. My philosophy is if you like a book and find it interesting, then it matters, to you if no one else. It's only when you feel like you wasted your money that it doesn't.

    1. And I think if a book is kind of enjoyable be doesn't amount to anything after a reset button is pressed, then it's a big waste of money, especially as a weekly.

    2. I'm with dl31.... on this if a book entertains me then it was worth it, regardless if the story "matters" in the grand scheme of things. That being said Futures End is super boring so I dropped it at #3.