Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stack Rundown, 05/17/2014

So I've come to a realization... You may notice, I don't have as many weeks were I cover a good number of books, well into the teens. I've noticed this too. I was wondering why this is happening, and it's mainly for two reasons. First, Image books ship when-the-fuck-ever, then go on hiatus for two to three months, and second, I'm just generally reading less now. Mainly, the number of DC books I read has plummeted through losing interest or actively being turned off a series, but even with Marvel and some Image, I've stopped buying books out of habit and if I really don't care... Welp, bye.

With that in mind, no Image books for me to talk about this week! Then there's only two DC books I read outside of Gotham! So you know what that means, heavy Marvel week.

Futures End #2

I was pretty indifferent towards the first issue, but I enjoyed #2 a bit more than I did last week’s offering. This is pretty much because we actually started to see the scope of changes that have happened over the five year gap. There are big obvious changes, offhand mentions, and visual easter eggs all over the place (take Black Canary in Ra’s al Ghul’s cape, and the solicit confirming she’s taken over the League of Assassins), all of which just made this issue a lot more interesting than the last, at least to me. So yeah, I’m a little more optimistic to see what the deal is, even though I have that nagging thought in the back of my head saying “none of this fucking matters!” I will say though, man does Batman Eternal have this book beaten in art. Futures End has got Patrick Zircher, but this issue, along with who’s solicited to come… eeeeehhh, some very standard, not that flashy guys coming up. None of them are bad, but Eternal is by far and large DC’s most interesting weekly in terms of visuals, as they’ve got a wide variety of artists over in Gotham.

Justice League United #1

I don’t understand why they started this series with a #0, because this was not a #1 issue, it was most definitely a #2. I imagine someone going into the shop, not knowing there was a #0 issue, seeing that big shiny #1, reading it, and feeling like there’s a big chunk missing… because there is. Whatever, not going to try and understand that logic, ANYWAYS… I’m enjoying this book so far, I wouldn’t say that it’s safe from me eventually losing interest, but for now, it’s pretty fun and entertaining. It’s nice to see Stargirl actually do something, as she didn’t do a damn thing in JLA prior to Forever Evil, and that book as a tie-in to Forever Evil was pretty poor. So yeah, it’s fun, I don’t think it’s an amazing book or anything, but it remains enjoyable to me for now.

X-Force #5

Well now… I almost dropped this book back wit the first issue, and I’m glad I didn’t, because I’ve got to admit… I kind of love it now. Marrow’s internal monologue and Fantomex’s excessive use of stereotypical french dialogue being completely fucking annoying? Yeah, that was all on purpose. Here Betsy even comments on Marrow, because she can straight up hear it telepathically, and Fantomex is broken, thus dropped his shit. There seems to be a point about everything, especially with Marrow, and we learn some pretty heavy shit about her, especially who she keeps referring to as “baby” in her monologue. Things get crazy and emotional, then Cable blows up… for the second time this series, and all sorts of shit has just gone down withe the Volga guy… So yeah, this book is pretty great now. Couple final thoughts: I wish this artist could stay, I don’t really like the first artist. Sort of weird how this issue didn’t reference the ending to the last issue. BRING ON DOMINO!

Nightcrawler #2

I’ve got to say, after the first issue, I thought this one was a bit of a step back. I think the whole concept of having Nightcrawler, who was part of the heart and soul of the X-Men, come back from the dead, and see how fucked things have gotten, and just sort of have to deal with that, is an idea with SO much potential… But the book just sort of veers off and does it’s own thing this issue with whatever that robot was from last issue and revisiting Kurt’s life in the circus. I mean… that’s fine and all, and Todd Nauck’s art is great, but if this is what the book is going to be, just doing disconnected stories already, it bums me out, because so much potential is being left on the table. We’ll see, but with this book just sort of being on the fringes with me, needing to sell itself, this issue didn’t particularly do anything for me.

Secret Avengers #3

I’m still sort of surprised how this book turned out. After reading Zero and some of Ales Kot’s other work, I thought this book was going to be this deep intellectual thriller with all sorts of crazy twists… but then it’s just this goofy secret super hero team, with a touch of that intellectualism, but just a whole bunch of weird dumb (yet very endearing) shit. I mean… Spider-Woman basically talks down a sentient bomb from killing itself with the thought of somehow getting it to taste ice cream or something like that… I mean, what the flying fuck? That’s SO WEIRD… But it’s weird in that great sort of way, where you don’t really know why or how anything is happening, but it’s definitely happening, and there’s nothing you can do, so shut up and enjoy it. This book is just so dumb, and I love it.

Captain America #20

Uh, so I’m reading Captain America now, huh? This is one of those cases where I’m reading a book just because I’m following creators, that creator being Rick Remender. Why am I reading it now? Well, a week or two ago I went on a binge and read the entire series up to date because it really started to seem like Red Skull might be up to something, given the most recent solicit… and of course, Red Skull is a big part of the first Uncanny Avengers arc, and there was an interview with Remender saying both series are coming to a big point soon, then there’s Marvel’s AXIS event… I got a hunch it that might spin out of everything. Nevertheless, having read the entire series, I really enjoy what Remender has done, just breaking down the moral Superman of the Marvel Universe and giving him some PSTD, depression issues, etc. It’s hard just to start talking about this series on a single issue basis, when I haven’t talked about the first 19 issues, but there’s a general theme here, and I do enjoy when a writer sets an overall tone for a large arc like this.

All-New X-Men #27

I made note of this when the preview popped up online… but for god’s sake, how many fucking kids can Mystique have? Since when is her womb the mutant farm? It’s not even like the last two were that far apart… both in the same book, created by the same writer! Someone else needs to have a firggen baby than her, jeeze. Anyways, quite an action packed issue, and while a bit decompressed (still), it was entertaining for the craziness that went down inside the Weapon X facility. I do wish someone form the Brotherhood actually said what they wanted, because instead, we were left with just about everyone else going “what do you want?!” That’s the one thing that bugged me, to have so much action and not even a clue as to why it’s happening other than “we’z bad guys, lol” I don’t need the full evil guy exposition speech, just an idea of why the Brotherhood is back… and seriously… Mystique’s had enough kids.

Deadpool #28

It really seems like there was a long wait between the wedding issue and this one, but given how Marvel ships, there probably was a longer than usual wait. ANYWAYS! This was the "honeymoon" issue of sorts and it was okay. Wade and his new bride in Tokyo, some money gets stolen, wade fights off everyone from giant not-Pokemon to the Hand. As a whole, the events of this issue didn't seem to matter, up until we meet Kim from the North Korea camp who looks like Nightcrawler. There's probably something up with him being sick that we'll see in a future issue, but not much else to go on. Other than that, it was a fun issue, but not a whole lot of depth, or so it seemed. I will say I love the dynamic between Wade and Shiklah just sort of cheering each other on while they're just  destroying everyone around them. I hope Shiklah sticks around for awhile.


  1. Futures End seems like the culmination of all the Cadmus/Brother Eye and the aftermath of when Earth 1 and Earth 2 finally collide, so it's kind of the end of those stories. What I'm trying to say is that it shouldn't matter.
    Justice League United #1 was great because it threw all of these different story aspects and blended them together in a weirdly perfect way.

  2. Do you think you can post a list of the titles you dropped and ones that you've kept? just to see what you're reading so others may try out.

    1. These posts are everything else I read in a week. You can go back through them via the "Opinion" tab and see my comments on literally every new issue I've read while running the site.

  3. I'm hoping that you review each issue of Future's End cause you do great summaries and it would enable me to keep up with the story without having to buy the comics. But I understand if you can't do them all especially since it's a weekly.

  4. I'm always interested to find out what a fellow Bat-heavy fan is reading outside of Gotham. I think I fall into a similar boat as you; a few additional DC titles (Justice League, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow), a few Marvel (Uncanny Avengers, Thor, Hawkeye -- is that book still being published?) and tons of indy/creator-owned/Image (Saga, Rat Queens, Lazarus, Revival, etc.)

    I too have culled a lot of DC and Marvel books in the last year. I've nearly lost complete interest in the broader New 52 (many reasons that I think you often discuss on Twitter) as well as Marvel Now.

    Anyway, thanks for continuing to review miscellaneous books. It helps me see what I might be missing.