Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stack Rundown, 05/03/2014

Well, it's one of those five Wednesday months, so there wasn't too much to read on my pull list this week compared to regular weeks, but there was a good handful of titles. No DC though, just Marvel and Image books this week.

All-New X-Men #26

So the first scene in this book where old Cyclops talks to young Jean was pretty interesting. They bring up the fact that they haven't really had any time to talk and have been flat out avoiding each other, and for good reason… because that shit's weird. I thought it was a nice conversation between the two… then it started getting weird, and Scott said "We can NEVER… I mean, NEVER." Then Kitty gets mad about Scott being in Jean's room alone. And then what the fuck? Things were nice and sort of heartfelt up until this weird ass creepy shit got put on the table. Why go there? Do we need to have the seed of "Could old Scott have pedo potential?" put into our head? No. No we don't…. It was all good up until that bullshit got brought up. And then the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is coming back or something… Yeah, pretty decompressed, but not as bad as some of All-New or Uncanny has been recently. Who the hell is the new-new-Xorn? Didn't future Jean die?

X-Force #4

So… Fantomex is kinda fucking nuts now, oui? SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! Used cliched french bullshit which has really bugged me throughout the series… but that's explained here, because Fantomex is full of bullshit… and he's gone crazy since he's been split into three, and has to deal with the fact that there are people that are better than him at stuff. You see, in Fantomex's world, there is nothing higher than Fantomex… so when he is faced with something that questions his ego, stuff goes bad… and I guess his solution is to kill everyone? I'm liking this book more, that's for sure, but this one was kinda weird but in a kinda good way? I don't know, someone call me when it's July and Domino is back in the book. Have I ever mentioned how I love Domino? I feel like I don't really ever mention that.

Uncanny Avengers Annual #1

I had no idea what this issue was going to be or whether or not it was going to tie in to anything in a story set before things get truly fucked in the regular series. Well, it had nothing to do with anything, and that’s the point. Shit got really meta, as the whole premise of this issue was that Mojo was writing TV or something for his Mojoverse, but the suits wanted him to dumb it real down and pander to a wider audience, so that means have noticeable heroes, and have those heroes fight with no real reason, and conclusions? What conclusions? Who the fuck cares about long form storm with pay off! It gets so ridiculous that it eventually turns into a high school drama starring the Avengers. Thor’s a jock… Rogue is a goth, Wanda is that kind in between… Super dumb, but super funny. It really seems like this was Remender getting a whole lot of writer angst off his chest, and it was a pretty enjoyable read because of the tongue in cheek nature.

Southern Bastards #1

Going into this series, I can't say that I knew a whole lot about it. I knew Jason Aaron and Jason Latour were the creators, and it was a story set in the deep south… other than that, you got me. But, there was a whole bunch of good things said about it, and Jason Aaron is no slouch, so I jumped in with out looking, and boy… did I love it. Basic story is the son of a small southern town sherif returns to his hometown after 40 years, and something ain't right… Probably due to this Coach Boss guy who we've yet to meet, but he seems like he's going to be the big evil guy in charge of the town. And that's about it! Where we don't know a whole lot about what's going down in this town, what really sells Southern Bastards is the atmosphere, which is captured so perfectly. The way Jason Aaron describes the south in the back of the book… You can love it, but at the same time, be fucking terrified of it. And it's true. The deep south is its own beast, has its own rules, and this book captures it perfectly. Can't wait to read more.

Deadly Class #4

Man… fuck Rick Remender. He's spoiling me at the moment. Just delivering consistently on a whole bunch of different books, all with fantastic artists on board. This was my favorite issue of Deadly Class so far, and that's probably because it had a heavy dose of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Assassin teenagers on a road trip to vegas, doing drugs, being stalked by people who want to kill them. This was an issue that really got to slow down and establish some of the various characters, and there's been a lot so far. Marcus's personal stuff takes a back seat, we learn that Saya isn't as cold as she came off two issues ago, Willie and Marcus have basically become friends under shitty circumstances, and Maria is going to start a whole bunch of drama… Really great issue for that sort of stuff, but holy crap, Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge shined throughout this one. Drugs? Yeah, well those call for some fucked up crazy and colorful visuals, and man does the art team deliver. Such a great book. I can't wait to get deeper and deeper into this story.

Black Science #6

Back when this book first started, I believe I read or heard something from Rick Remender where he basically said he believed that present science fiction had lost their balls. With that in mind, it’s clear that Black Science has no lack of balls, but instead may have more to spare. So basically… This was the end of the arc, not coming back until July, and the main character of the book apparently just fucking died. Now, given last issue’s revelations about the “eververse” I’m sure things aren’t as simple as “Grant’s dead,” but for sake of argument, the grant we all know is probably gone, spine crushed, left behind in a hostile dimension. Now, I’m pretty sure, if I’m remembering things correctly, Heath from Fear Agent died pretty on in that book, so that’s really the only thing that took away anything from this issue for me. That said, holy crap did this arc end on a big cliffhanger, and not a cheap cliffhanger either, a real meaty one that makes you curse the fact that May and June are getting in the way of new issues. Can’t wait for the second arc, that’s for sure. And on a final note… I think Kadir is becoming a super interesting character. Sure, he’s a fucking asshole, but his willingness to do the right thing when needed is what makes him interesting. Grant is basically about to kill him, and  Kadir still watches out for him when one of the native beasts sneaks up on Grant. He’s a super weird character… Kind of like Jamie from Game of Thrones, dude’s a total asshole… but he’s kind of cool too?

Chew #41

Vegas! So Tony and Amelia get married this issue, and that’s sweet… but John Layman and Rob Guillory have been all over twitter saying how messed up this arc  is going to be, so I’m going to take any happiness presented with a grain of salt… But it’s going to take awhile to get there with the Revival crossover and Poyo one-shot, so maybe I can revel in this happy little story for a big longer than originally planned… As for the story, this was the first of the arc, so it’s hard to say where it’s going to go, but it’s increasingly clear that Tony is becoming a thorn in the Vampire Cibiopath’s side, and given what he pulled in issue #30, I’m sure Tony’s actions may cause some of the reported fucked up shit that happens in this arc. But yeah… here we go, getting towards the home stretch. Sure, there’s 19 issues left, but the end is in sight, and that’s kind of crazy.


  1. Although the concept and setting for 'Southern Bastards' seems similar to 'Scalped', I don't really care. When Jason Aaron gets to write crazy hardcore stuff, it's all good. I'm sure there will be plenty of screwed up redneck goodness.

    As for Black Science, dude, that book is just relentless. Doesn't let up. Remender seems to love just cold killing characters. After blowing up the earth and killing nearly all the Avengers, it's kind of tough to top. But Black Science delivers.

    As for All-New X-Men/Uncanny X-Men, I was underwhelmed by Battle of the Atom, then really lost interest shortly thereafter. Those two books seem to have dropped off a lot in terms of the story quality. I hope it picks back up. Maybe the return of the New Evil Brotherhood will help...

    1. Yes.


      And yeah, it's been so decompressed. Uncanny had one shot issue after one shot issue, it got to bee too much. But it seems to be picking back up. Then the GOTG crossover was super predictable, and I hope the new Brotherhood coming back kicks it in the ass too.

    2. Also, I'm fucking scared for when the wave of death hits Deadly Class.

  2. What did you make of the Futures End FCBD issue?