Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #31

So Old Lobo's got a plan for the weapon he's stolen or made or whatever. Create a black hole, harness it's energy then make it into a laser that destroys worlds, or something. There's a war coming he says (between Rann and Thanagar) and someone would pay a high price tag for such a weapon.

Naturally, that can't happen, so headed a a direct course to Kori's old ship, both she and Jason shrink the SHADE craft they stole, then land it inside on top of Lobo. Some fights break out, nothing goes well for Jason or Kori, and Roy ends up having to reprogram the nanobots in the weapon to come back towards them and transport Lobo and his aliens away.

Hooray, the earth is saved, Lobo reverse engineers Roy's tech to do something to his advantage, and then new Lobo is elsewhere going "I got to do something about this other Lobo."


The Good:

Not a whole lot to go with. There's some fun action, but that's about it.

The Bad:

This arc just feels like it was buying time for Scott Lobdell to make his return and nothing really comes from it other than some shoehorned-in suggestions about some stuff that might happen in Justice League United

Once again the art is split between Rafa Sandoval and R.B. Silva, both of whom I like, but the inkers are doing no favors for Silva again. I'm not sure which one of the two was responsible for the last couple of pages, but once you hit page #16, the art takes a very, very severe dip down, having almost zero detail, and for some reason, the colors get real flat too.

The Bottom Line:

In the end, I don't believe Pfeifer's issues really amounted to much. There was some entertaining action and dialogue scattered through out, but ultimately these three issues felt like the book was just treading water, and this issue in particular really lacked any solid conclusion other than the earth being saved from vague threat #364,298.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This will probably be my final issue I cover on the site. As many of you know, Scott Lobdell will return to the title next month, and as those of you who follow me on Twitter may know, I'm not exactly pleased with that. On top of me not really being a fan of writers coming and going (I prefer new voices on books instead of returning to same-old-same-old voices), many things Lobdell has said or done between his departure form this title and next month has turned me off to ever wanting to read anything he writes again. Asking a fellow panelist if eating a mango made her come and other general inquiries into her sexual life? Great stuff, super appropriate. Asking fellow writers in an interview if Lois Lane and Wonder Woman were going to have a cat fight, only to have their audible groans be transcribed by the interviewer? Keep talking, you're really great at it. And so on. So yeah, on a personal level, Lobdell's constant diarrhea of the mouth has really made me not want to support him. Added to that, I get this fishy feeling about him coming back on. Nine months in, all the editors on Lobdell's books got changed to the ones he was working with on Superman. Then he leaves Red Hood, Teen Titans is axed, and he gets booted off Superman... then just waltzes back on to Red Hood when he's got nothing left to write. Something just doesn't sit well with me there.

And on a story level, I think Jason Todd in space is pretty fucking stupid, to be honest, and I've thought so since that arc following "Night of the Owls." Why this book went full on sci-fi, I don't know, but I don't think it fits at all. So I'm not really a fan of the general direction this book has been going in since forever ago. So there's that too.

So for now, this is farewell to Jason Todd... sort of. He's still in Batman Eternal, so there's that... and who knows, maybe sales of this series will continue to slide, maybe it'll end, and maybe Jason Todd will be given back to the Bat office. I can only hope.


  1. Good call dropping the book. Lobdell has long been one of the weirdos in the industry. I've never been a fan, going back to his work in the '90s at Wildstorm and Marvel. He epitomizes the dumbed-down 1990s action comic book where everything was bad azz and things went KABOOM! and the ladies had the big boobz. I hope he'll be gone from the industry shortly, then maybe we can read Superman or Jason Todd in peace.

    1. Well, he's off Superman after next week, so one down.

  2. There really wasn't anything to like except I think the two Lobos will finally start to collide.

  3. Has the whole OUTLAWS ever been a thing in this series? Are they actually wanted by anyone? For anything?