Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SPOILERS: A Helena Bertinelli PSA

You're going to see an image of Helena Bertinelli from Nightwing #30 floating around the internet today.

It's going to make people angry.

Why? Because people are either going to see it on tumblr or twitter, then react to it angrily without any idea of what they're looking at, or it's going to be presented purposely without context to cultivate such a reaction in order to gain page views.

So what am I here for? Well, prior to my review of the issue, I might as well try and get out ahead of a total wave of bullshit, and hopefully put out a few fires. At least I can say the readers of Gotham Spoilers will be properly informed. So, let's look further into the new Helena Bertinelli.

Oh look at that, Helena Bertinelli. Outside of a race change, she's got a weird mask, a shirt with no buttons, and tits out everywhere. If this was Helena Bertinelli's real design, it would certainly be something that warrants some anger.

But it's not.

CONTEXT TIME: Leslie Thompkins is being attacked by a gang of crazy ass murders, all in weird costumes, here's what they look like:

We got a 1920s big game hunter, a black metal reject, someone from an anime convention... all pretty outrageous costumes. Now remember the context of Helena in this new role... She's a spy for Spyral. What do spies do? Blend in! What does one have to do to blend in with a group of crazed murderers? Look the part of a crazed murderer.

Meanwhile, THIS is your new regular Helena Bertinelli look.

So do me a favor, don't be part of the problem, don't go on tumblr or some site looking to get people pissed and clicking, and react without knowing what you're actually reacting to. Yeah, it's easy to gang up on DC at this point, hell I do it too, but I'll usually wait and read an issue before jumping on the hate boner train.


  1. But... but, my day's not complete without an opportunity to complain about how DC is ruining everything!

  2. All the tweets I'm seeing are so much better now.

    1. I'm actually surprised, I've looked too and the good is definitely outweighing the bullshit.

      Still some bullshit though!

    2. Helena.




      Danger zone...

  3. She looks like Lana Kane from Archer. Which furthers my theory that Dick Grayson is now the Sterling Archer of the DCU

    1. Motherfucker, as someone who was making Archer jokes from day one, I'm mad at myself for not catching this.

  4. she remind me to Agent 355, from Y: the last man, writing from Brian "Gut punch" Vaughan