Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #6

Harley and Syborg's mission to take out former Soviet spies continue, right after Harley lifts the jewelry off the hands of their previous target, dropping her into a flaming building, while they escape in a news helicopter.

Syborg's next target works at the zoo, and after crashing the helicopter as her form of "landing," Harley leads the way into the facility, but the target see's them coming, and decides to release all the animals... which doesn't go well for him. As Harley is delighted to play with everything from chimps to giraffes, the guy they're after looses his head after poking (kicking) the bears one too many times.

Harley and Syborg don't have to go far to find the rest of the targets, as the targets have come to them, looking to end the rivalry once and for all. A big brawl breaks out, there are animals, bazookas and bagel grenades... yes, bagel grenades. Have you realized Syborg is Jewish yet? Anyways, when there's one lady left, it turns out that both she and Syborg used to be lovers, but as soon as they embrace for a kiss, she pulls a blade, and Syborg speeds his scooter up, knocking her onto a rhino's horn. It was a bad break up.

Syborg wants to handle the final target on his list alone... turns out this guy is nothing but a used car salesman who sold him his dream car with a busted radiator. The car got stripped in New York while a young Syborg walked to the nearest gas station for help, and he's never forgiven the salesmen since. Once Harley learns that she would have inherited the car, since Syborg has no family, she breaks her promise to stay out of it and throws the salesman out of the window herself.

Both Harley and Syborg head back to Coney Island and watch the sunrise. Harley's glad she's made a new friend and tells Syborg he can call whenever. Harley then gets back to her penthouse to find an old friend waiting for her, and it seems like Poison Ivy has a lead on who wants Harley dead.


The Good:

The madness continues, and I still love it seven issues deep (don't forget #0). All the ridiculous violence mixed with the cheesy Russian dialogue and Harley's delightful love for all animals, make for one heck of an enjoyable read. Chad Hardin has also really hit a groove and I've been enjoying his art more and more with each issue. Not only does Hardin have Harley's facial expressions cover a wide range, but he nail her body language too. One of my favorite panels consists of Harley watching Syborg kiss his old flame, while she's wide-eyed with excitement, and inexplicably upside down making the squee noise. I've said it before, but I wasn't sure what to expect from Hardin when he was announced to be the artist, but I couldn't be happier with the issues he's turned out so far.

The Bad:

Needs more Harley punting decapitated heads as well as some more Ivy.

The Bottom Line:

Harley Quinn has been the perfect book for me. I appreciate grim/inappropriate humor, I like really expressive dynamic art, and I love me some Harley. This issue once again encompasses all those traits, making for yet another month of pure joy, delivered with a heaping side of crazy.


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