Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SPOILERS: Batwoman #31

It's been a couple of nights and Batwoman is keeping watch over a statue that she believes/knows the paintings Wolf-Spider stole lead to, but so far, no luck. FLASH BACK! A little while before, Maggie attempts to get a really good family law lawyer on her side for the custody battle, and Kate donates some significant financial backing to get the wheels turning, despite the lawyer's busy schedule. Meanwhile, that lady from Arkham, Nocturna? She's been acquitted of murdering her husband.

Back to the statue, Wolf-Spider finally does show up, calls his employer to get down there, and starts cutting a hole in the base with a blowtorch. Just as he pulls a box of gold from the base of the statue, Batwoman shows up, they fight, and in the commotion, Grantham, the guy who hired Wolf-Spider gets trapped beneath the statue when it falls, and dies. Because Kate was trying to help the old man, Wolf-Spider gets away.

What does Wolf-Spider do with the gold he just decided to take? Well, he drops it in Slaughter Swamp, because it's "blood money," so of course something spooky goes on down there.

Late, Kate comes across her friend Evan outside a shoe store, and HEEEEY... his shoes look just like Wolf-Spider's, covered in muck from Slaughter Swamp. HMMMMMM. Anyways, Kate gets a call from Maggie saying the lawyer accepted her case, and wants to meet for lunch, but Kate can't, because she's decided to go back to therapy and has an appointment.


The Good:

I continue to enjoy the personal drama woven into the night life of Kate. Stuff like your partner's custody battle and superhero therapy sessions are rarely seen in books like this, so it's cool to see something different every now and then.

Haun's art also continues to be very good. 

The Bad: 

The conclusion to this arc just wasn't very satisfying for me. There was no real reason to care about the story in the past with the painter, we never really figured out how both Kate and Wolf Spider got that location from the paintings, and in the end, nothing really comes from it as Wolf Spider just throws away the gold. Nothing is really accomplished on either end of the law here. Kate doesn't win, neither does Wolf Spider, everything's just sort of in the middle.

The Bottom Line:

I enjoyed this arc, and while it was a pretty big departure from what Batwoman did before, I think just a nice and easy, consistent story is what this title needed following the controversy. What this arc (and issue) consistently excelled at was the "off-duty" scenes following Kate and all the problems in her personal life, followed up with how she deals with them. There was a great balance between Kate and Batwoman, which I really appreciated. Unfortunately, the Batwoman aspect of this story really failed to deliver any sort of satisfying conclusion and just leaves everything at a very underwhelming point. There were some highs and lows, but overall, I thought this issue was pretty okay.


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  1. I agree with your assessment. It seems like this was laying the groundwork for a larger Batwoman story Andreyko is telling. Haun really came into his own on this.