Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SPOILERS: Batwing #31

Back in the Gotham underground, Batwing and Menace are about to square off, and it becomes clear to Luke that his former friend in Menace is no longer there, and he's completely nuts, having no regard for human life. So they fight, Luke hits and hits, but with Menace's enchanted body, doesn't do too much damage. Still, Luke continues to fight and struggle with the desire to straight up kill Russell for what he's done to his family.

Elsewhere back at the Fox household, Lucius and his wife are feeding their brain dead daughter, and the frustration about the other kids missing is starting to boil over between he and his wife. Lucius heads to the garage, knowing he's starting to lose his wife and family, begins to cry and then pray for everything to work out.

Meanwhile, Luke's youngest sister finds a letter opener in her cell, then uses the whole "I need to go to the bathroom" trick to catch Ratcatcher off guard, stab him in the leg, and run off... but she's still in the Underground, so that's not good.

Back to Luke's fight, no matter how much he pounds on Menace, he doesn't seem to get much done, and ends up having to rely on that big fish in the water to gobble up his foe, leaving him to go look for his sister... But guess what, Menace isn't down for the count.


The Good:

Visually, this is another stellar issue from Eduardo Pansica and company. A bulk of the issue is taken up by Luke and Russell's fight, and boy do they get down and dirty. There's something very cathartic to how hard hitting the action is in this issue.

The Bad:

It's still just more of the same. This arc is seemingly taking a very long time to play out, and given this title's general fringe nature, I feel like the more time spent on this arc that I'm not crazy about, the less and less interested I get in continuing to read the title. Then we've got the Tam stuff, which still grosses me out. No spoilers here, it's still lazy fridge drama. 

The Bottom Line:

At this point, this book's current story arc just seems to be treading water to me. In previous reviews, I've already made my disinterest in the setting and villains of this arc clear, but those elements are moving at a snail's pace, and I'm only growing more disinterested in the title. What once was a much  needed jolt in the arm of a struggling book has found itself in a rut of weak melodrama that's just not that enjoyable to read from month to month. Best case scenario for me in this title moving forward is to wrap up this story, and just go crazy, making the absolute most of the forth or fifth lease on life this title has been seemingly given. 



  1. Yeah I am going to buy it today. I agree a little about the pace. Love Luke but Menace sucks. He should have became rat catcher not menace. Russel would have made more since talking to rats and a better enemy.

  2. What was with the weird, sudden religious bent in this issue? We've never had religion mentioned during this run before, yet suddenly both Luke and Lucius have big moments where their inner thoughts are about God. Is it that they now know he'll be teaming with the Spectre and they think it'll be interesting if a Christian is paired with the embodiment of the Wrath of the Christian God? Really strange.

    1. Thought that was kind of weird too.

    2. No Its not weird in Batwing #23 Luke Girlfriend dad dies of a heart attack and Luke goes to Church and they have a spiritual moment then also. Him and his mom say mom stuff. I dont like it really but maybe they are going to use it to keep Luke from going evil.