Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #7

Turns out that trucker wasn't the only explosion on that block we left off at, as Pyg's current residence goes up in flames, and he's none too happy, so he and his Dollotrons go a bit nuts, all while Batman is trying to take control of the chaos.

Elsewhere, Penguin comes to find out that Catwoman has infiltrated his offices within the Iceberg Casino, and she's looking for some missing Gotham Underground residents, believing he's the one who has made them disappear.

While Catwoman and Penguin have at it, as well as Batman trying to protect innocents from Pyg and his Dollotrons, Carmine Falcone and his new associates Roadrunner and Tiger Shark, set up another explosion, placing bombs within the Iceberg Casino by breaking in below and flooding it.

Before the bombs at the Iceberg go off, Penguin informs Catwoman that Doctor Phosphorus was working for him as an informant, in order to protect the Underground, so whoever is making residents disappear, it's not him. Then the bombs go off, and in the panic, Selina manages to rescue many people, while Pengiun struggles to grab as much cash as he can, but drops it in the water when Selina saves him from being devoured by Tiger Shark's whale.

Back to Batman and Pyg, Bruce finally gets through to the maniac by telling him he's being played by Falcone. Pyg learns the lab explosion was a set up to distract Batman, and instead of making art, he's just a pawn in someone else's plan. Pyg has a bit of an existential crisis after this, which is enough of an opening for Bruce to make his move and knock him out. But when the GCPD (Dickhead... Forbes) picks up Pyg, Forbes lets him go, making it a point not to work with or accept help from vigilantes.

That morning, Batman commends Catwoman on her good work, Penguin watches his legacy (and money) sink, and Pyg blows up Roadrunner for betraying him, declaring all of Gotham his new lab.


The Good:

Tim Seeley scripted this issue, so being a big fan of his, I was looking forward to this one, and didn't come away disappointed. Seeley ramps up the gang war, writes a great Catwoman (Grayson is fine but seriously, fuuuuuuuck, why isn't he writing Catwoman now?) and like Lord Death Man in Talon, he once again nails the craziness of a Morrison character who has had a bit wrong done towards him in the New 52. Then you've got Emanuel Simeoni's art, if you read Talon, he should look familiar. While there are some elements to his style I don't agree with (like seeing Batman's eyes behind the white lens) I definitely think he's got a striking, very unique visual style, which I can appreciate. Batman Eternal has a very wide variety of artists, which I love, and Simeoni fits pretty well. 

The Bad:

In the beginning, it's a little hard to follow who is blowing up what. We left off with the truck explosion, which I guess was some stuff for Falcone? But this issue starts and Pyg's lab is already engulfed in flames. The transition between the last issue and this week's just wasn't all that smooth. But once that all settles down, everything else is fine.

The Bottom Line:

After a couple of issues that were very distinctly different from one another, with different locations, concepts and characters, #7 shares some consistency with the final scenes of #6, thus this wasn't as jarring of a switch as say going from #5 to #6. That's all I was really looking for, and I hope to see some more consistency between issues now that we're moving past the single issue set ups from each individual writer. For the contents of the issue, Seeley pretty much nailed everything he had to, especially the characterizations of Catwoman and Pyg. Not only were there solid characterizations, but the action was real big and it was all complimented by some unique art on Simeoni's part. So far, I think it's safe to say that this has been my favorite issue of the month.



  1. I would go a step further and say this was the best issue so far

  2. The begining was a little confusing but this was a really good issue. This should be a show on HBO or something. lol Batman has the best supporting cast in comics.